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Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Gift of Light

To heal others with light start by drawing in as much light as you can imagine and putting it all around you. Then imagine yourself as clear as a crystal, so that you are a pure transmitter of light. Send the other person an image of light.

Imagine light going out from your hands, your heart, or the top of your head as if you are sending a stream of light from you to him or her.

That is all that is necessary; your Higher Self will handle all the details. You need only to have the intent to send healing energy as you transmit light, and you will.

Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self
Sanaya Roman

As we connect with our Higher Selves we become aware of new and powerful ways to experience our beauty. One of these is by the transmitting of our love and concern and compassion to others and especially when those others are enduring suffering and pain.

Light transmits energy and we are energetic beings. We can share our energy with others by focusing on this gift and sending it with love to those we wish to help heal.

(Incidentally, we can also send it to our bodies…to any place where we are experiencing pain or discomfort.)

Light is one of the most glorious ways we have to reach one another.

We are all vibrating Beings of Light and this kind of communication is natural to our Higher Selves.

May you know the force is with you.

adaptation from
Star Wars

originally printed February 28, 2011

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