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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Voice of the Heart

Prince William and his beloved Kate are everywhere!

On the covers of magazines, the internet, the telly, the papers...and, even more importantly, they are in everyone's hearts.

The interest in their ROYAL WEDDING is sweeping and global. And the engagement of the world with Kate and Will's story is not merely a news event...or history (though it is most surely that).

It is an engagement of the heart because Kate and Will represent a story of real love.

The world wants to celebrate that love because it is something we all yearn for.

And it seems that this delightful couple has found that love...or, more accurately, has grown that love...over time and through many challenging experiences. They have chosen to be their authentic selves and are thereby living a most beautiful example of the importance and success of this choice.

A regal romance and a hopeful LOVE story.

William and Kate...Voice of the Heart.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Why do people suddenly decide to do something different? And I mean in-a-big-way different.

Is it because someone told them it was a good idea? Is it because they were forced to take a different road? Is it because they heard or read about something new?

Ultimately, I think really big life transformative changes happen because people discover something for themselves.

And that's a very important word here...discover.

Somehow it has to be a personal AHA moment. It has to be information that has been put together in a new way...a way that makes sense to them and the process has been done BY them and not by anybody else.

We can plant seeds and water them. We can wish and hope that the sunshine makes them grow. But the real magic comes when someone "discovers" the concept for himself or, more specifically, how the concept can work in his life. That's when the idea takes root and blossoms.

It seems we have to discover life on our own terms...in our own way for it to have real meaning.

So how do we help the people we love to consider and think about new ideas that might make their lives more wonderful? We do this by shining our own light as brightly as we can. This high vibration will be noticed and, very possibly, people will want to join us there.

We also help by expressing our faith and confidence in people to navigate life on their own terms and to innately find within themselves the guidance and direction they may desire.

"I know you will have a good sense of how to work this out."
"The answer will come to you."
"Let me know if there is anything YOU would like me to do."

A constant and continuing faith and confidence will ALWAYS help people reach within themselves for the answer they are seeking...and Higher Self is always there waiting to be asked for assistance once we trust that we can do the work ourselves.

And when we do the work ourselves it has great meaning for us. We are invested. We have strengthened our belief that we can solve problems and keep looking for better ways of doing things.

And so if you want to make a difference in someone's life, help the person see how he can make a difference for himself!

Design Your Day

What if a consultant were to arrive at your home with suggestions for how to bring a stunning new look to your domicile with fabric, furnishings and art?

And what if another consultant arrived with guidance on how to prepare creative and nutritious meals for the family?

And a third consultant showed up to suggest some wonderful new books to read and some glorious new music to enjoy?

What if all three of these consultants were YOU?

Our lives are not limited to the roles we traditionally play. We are gifted with the potential to learn anything we want and our desire and motivation...together with our innate creativity...can make us adept and even skilled in untold new areas of interest.

Suppose we imagine ourselves making a visit to our home in the guise of an expert consultant. If we could observe our surroundings with an objective eye, we would be able to draw up a plan for any change we desired. We might have great fun taking on this masquerade and surprise ourselves with our creativity. We might have to do a little speculating and guesstimating but what great fun to assume these new points of view.

This is a simple and very easy way to stretch beyond the ordinary boundaries of our thinking. And we can use this game to look at how we solve problems.

If it's normal for you to have a reaction to a specific trigger, what if you were to suggest (to yourself) that the trigger is kicking up an old habit or problem but you are a NEW person now...with more extensive understanding and experience and a growing compassion for the problems of others?

If you find yourself turning to the same old method of "comforting" yourself when things get stressful, what if you suggested (to you ) that a deep breath and a few steps outside into the fresh air might center you and give you perspective?

And what if you sometimes forget how many things you do right and start playing the blame game but instead directed (yourself) to an inventory of the generous things you do for others and a boatload of compassion for the special challenges you face in your life?

Wow! You are looking like a mighty talented person here...with unlimited resources and a special sensitivity to helping people heal.

Do you recognize yourself? This is the vocation you never formally chose, the road not normally taken...but with a little imagination you can try on these possibilities and uncover your talent and insight.

Who knew how fabulous you could be! And what wonderful designs you could superimpose on what was once your ordinary day!

Knock, knock. Is that you at the door?

Monday, April 25, 2011

The Message

Mother Earth is talking to her children.

She feels the need to right herself and is doing so with clusters of chaotic events such as earthquakes, volcanic activity, tsunamis. The massive delivery of the message cannot be ignored.

She is a prophet signaling our own evolution.

Earth is evolving and its people with it.

The message is: This is where the train is going.

The question is: Are you going to ride
with conscious intent to evolve?

According to A Hathor Planetary Message we are finding ourselves in Transition States of Consciousness…”poised between an old reality that has passed away and a new reality that has not yet fully formed”

and it asks:

“Will you be bold enough to step into your identity as a creator of your life?”

Will you place into your personal story the ideas and beliefs that will invite and manifest your Higher Good and the Higher Good of all who surround you… personally and globally?

Will you release old limiting ways of behavior that no longer serve you? Will you embrace Love (and all that Love implies)…which has become our countersign…our watchword…the path paver for a higher dimension?

The Hathor Message says that the markers we put into place..our ideas and beliefs… will be “the new stars” in the sky of our minds
that the best way to navigate our reality is: TO BE CURIOUS AND EXPECT MIRACLES!

All Gifts are available to us and they exist in potentiality. It is our expectation and desire that bring them into manifestation.

The choice of how to respond to THE MESSAGE is up to us.

What is Mother Earth whispering to your heart?

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Calling All Card Sharks!

Everyone loves watching a card shark shuffle a deck. With ease and dexterity and confidence. Assembling the cards with a sureness of intent. With anticipated pleasure of playing the game…and with the bountiful resources of familiarity and experience.

Every game is a new challenge…to be assessed. A new strategy to be determined. And, of course, there is the pleasure of the colorful and stimulating interaction of all of the players.

With the turning over of just one card, the game can change. Our star player reaches for that card with hopefulness and determination. There is always the possibility that this one card can change the entire direction of the event for him.

One card. One change. One slight move in a new direction.

This could be a formula for working through the issues of our lives.

Issues which can feel so heavy and burdensome. Places where we feel forever stuck…lacking the motivation to make the huge change we desire, but still knowing what we want to achieve.

One small change can make a difference. It can move us off of dead center. It can introduce a new vibration. It can redirect our attitude. It can bring us hopefulness where there was none before.

One small change could seem manageable…even when we are so weary and depressed.

If we can see our way to one small change, we can open a new path…a reshuffling of the deck that seemed so fixed and unrelenting. One small change can ultimately redirect the game.

We can be spiritual card sharks and use that thinking to navigate our lives.

Just making ourselves walk outside and feel what nature is providing that day can wake up our spirit.

Just acknowledging another can open our hearts to love (of others and, most importantly here, of ourselves).

Just the deliberate act of feeling gratitude will place us on a stronger course.

Just asking for direction from Higher Self will open the floodgates of grace.

When we are lost in our pain one small change can reconnect us with the Divine Presence we already enjoy but have temporarily lost sight of.

One small change can lead to another and another…

and soon we have changed the game…changed our story… and found the lesson waiting to be discovered.

One small change is how we begin.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Arrivo! The Moment of Joy!

I’ve been watching and waiting at the stage door for what feels like forever. And you have been my companion there.

We’ve heard the muted strains of the most beautiful violins dancing and weaving their magic…the calming, soothing saxophones lending a peaceful embrace…the majestic drums building over and over to the climax of each moment.

Through it all…through the waiting and the work…the challenging, bone wearying work... through the lightness and the joy…you have been at my side.

But now... you have managed to slip through the boundary separating us from the glorious music.

You have arrived
and are sitting center stage, front row...
in the presence of..

I watch with joy as you take in this magnificent gift your soul has longed for.

How breathtakingly beautiful!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Follow the Energy

We often ask ourselves the question: Why can’t I make this thing happen?

Perhaps it is something we want to achieve or acquire…perhaps it is a personal change in our lifestyle, something that appears to be for the good of our health and well-being.

We struggle and struggle and still we fail. Then we end up blaming ourselves for not being strong enough to make this desire of ours a reality.

But Sanaya Roman, author of Spiritual Growth, says what looks like culpability on our part, like weakness and a lack of follow through... may be entirely something else. Things are not always what they appear to be or feel like.

What is really happening in this case is that we are trying to use our forceful will to accomplish our goal. But if our goal or the way we are pursuing it is not for our highest good, our wise will jumps in to intervene with this message from our Higher Self: This is not for your Higher Good. "Create resistance; stop; do not carry through with the action."

In this picture whatever we were planning to do and/or the way we were planning to do it are clearly not in harmony with our life path.

According to Roman, “When it is good for you to do something you will feel a desire to do it; you will be drawn to it because it is something you love and not something you are forcing yourself to do.”

The implications of this spiritual design are astounding.

When we follow this scenario we stop focusing on feelings of failure and disappointment. If something is not clicking for us, we sense there is a reason…a good reason…a Higher Self reason that is protecting and guiding us. So when we hit a roadblock, when our energy flags and we feel defeated, we release our attachment to the goal with the knowingness that it is not the best path for us to pursue at this time.

How do we then know what path is the best choice to pursue?

We follow the energy of our day.

The feeling of vitality and interest which makes us feel engaged and strong.

We hold the knowingness that this focus is the very best direction for our journey at this point in time and that our other goals will be reached at the most perfect moment for them.

This way of thinking lifts our spirits so beautifully and moves us seamlessly into the delightful flow of energy which is filling our lives, often from unexpected places. Our willingness to hear this message and engage and respond brings us exactly to where we need to be.

And we do not have to find this place ourselves.

All we have to do is notice what energy is entering our lives and embrace it.

What an adventure life then becomes when we understand that EVERYTHING is being done for us and for our ultimate happiness. Our only work is to watch for the signs and signals that tell us what is moving into our path right now and with a full heart enjoy every present moment of that beautiful energy surge (which is already making us feel alive and happy).

Quite a master plan…so ingenious it is hiding in plain sight.

All it takes is the faith and trust that we are loved and supported and cared for and the knowingness that everything we need will be delivered to us… and everything we experience is a lesson for our souls.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Secrets of the Orange

Nature has gifted us with so many
beautiful fruits…each with its own special appeal. The cornucopia of delights is amazing…and so life-giving…a bounty of the earth just waiting for us to partake of its pleasures.

Of all of the delightful earth offerings, my very favorite is the orange.

Hold the orange in the palm of your hand and notice how perfectly it fits…a microcosm of the earth and all of its natural opulence.

Feel its texture…the ambivalence of the contrasting smoothness and edginess…the story of our life journey.

See its glorious color…radiating
warmth and energy.*

And, very best of all, witness how INSTANTLY it reveals its truths to the world in a burst of goodness, of flavor, of clarity and appeal.

What a gorgeous message to us regarding how to navigate the pilgrimage we have undertaken:

With joy and gratitude,
in glorious color,
sharing our warmth and energy with others,
and manifesting for all to see the truths of our hearts and souls!

Once again, the Divine has gifted us with a guide to mentor us by its very beingness…still another beautiful lesson for us viewed all by itself.

I think the orange is probably not so very determined to hold onto its secrets but rather is waiting patiently for us to foray into Sherlock Holmes discovery of the clue sitting right on our kitchen table.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Missing Piece

I started reading Eckhart Tolle, author of the The Power of Now, several years ago and was very intrigued with his concept of ACCEPTING THE PRESENT MOMENT.

This seemed to me to be a difficult but powerful practice.

And I tried it. Many times.

I got so far as to let myself feel the whispers of the breeze, the sun shining on my face, the children playing and laughing behind me, the scent of the blooming flowers.

Yes, everything felt fine for me in the present moment. As long as I was happy.

But, when the moments came when all was not well…when I was upset or hurt or angry... I could not do it. I could not feel the acceptance.

It seemed to me that I was being asked to pretend that what I felt wasn’t really there. And no way could I do that. So my progress with the process hit a wall.

Until the last few days.

In his book Tolle talks about the pain body, the pain we carry from our past. I believe that any pain we have not released is because our Spirit has been protecting us from feeling something too oppressive and burdensome for us and when the pain does come up and make itself known, it is because we have learned the tools and the resources we need to deal with this gift.

According to this theory, then, my store of resources and tools had enough in it to invite the pain body to make itself known. And it did. . And it did not “go gently into that good night”.

It shook my world and took me over. I began having
mega-reactions to things I thought I had gotten “under control”. (There’s a good cosmic joke there, I think.)

When things get really bad and the watchwords of the day are turmoil and tumult, it seems we are often ready to look a little further for some help.

At this point I remembered that Tolle had talked about the pain body. So I brought out my copy of the abbreviated and more-easy-to-understand Practicing the Power of Now and began to read again about how to deal with it.

There it was…the same great guidance as before. Accept what is…what you are feeling…what the other person is doing and feeling…but there was still something missing for me... and I had to find the missing piece.

And that missing piece was the answer to the question of WHY…Why is it so important to not go with the feeling of hurt or anger? Why shouldn’t I let myself feel what I obviously feel? Oh yes, my ever active mind wanted something to wrap my brain around that made sense of it for me.

And then I was blessed with the realization of something I already knew but which had been fluttering in the background…the fact that we are all on different paths…and in our own “time and space zones” about how those paths unfold.

I knew that ALL paths are to be honored. And it now made sense to me that the intermingling of these paths and the resulting messiness of the intermingling are inevitable and, not only that, but also the fact that this process is an essential and inherent part of the equation.

We are here to do our work and to support the work of others.

Now, armed with this realization, I took a look at the equation and here is what I got.

If something occurs that has affected us in a negative way, we should pause and give ourselves over to a knowingness of that fact. Not a judgment…but an awareness of what is going on. Including what we are feeling and experiencing…the fact that we are hurt or agitated or angry and the fact that the other person is doing what he is doing which is…acting perfectly in accord with the drama of his life.

According to Tolle, if we hold that knowingness as a quiet space surrounding the feeling of our agitation, the holding of that knowingness will transmute the non-peace we feel into peace.

The reason I was now willing to hold the knowingness of what I felt rather than react to it is because of my remembering of the need we all have to unfold, manifest and, yes, intermingle our paths,,,with the resulting beauty, joy and sometimes conflict and chaos that this process produces.

Now I was excited to try this new approach. And I have…several times. And it’s working.

It takes time to reorient myself and choose to do this rather than act from the default button. But the results have been wonderful. There is a distinct feeling of release and peace.

I’m just a newbie at this process. But it feels so promising. And helpful. And I will keep practicing it and feeling grateful to have found my missing piece and have so much JOY added to my life.

The Elephant in the Room

In the concept of FENG SHUI there are a certain grace and proportion and balance that can be sensed in a given area which strongly impart a feeling of peace. Furniture and light fixtures are arranged, flowers and objects of art situated, pillows and area rugs positioned to achieve this effect.

The results are a place of peace and tranquility.

Except, perhaps, for the one thing that distracts from the harmony…the thing that cannot be seen with the eyes but can be felt with the emotions.

The Elephant in the Room.

The quietness of this huge, invisible creature belies its power.

Though the elephant can’t be seen…everyone tiptoes around him. Carefully…Not wanting to talk about him because once he is mentioned, the parade is on.

A parade of unspoken concern, hurt, resentment. And the music and the marching are loud…so loud we can no longer pretend they aren’t there.

But I say hurray for the person who names the elephant…who calls to everyone’s attention the issue that is being ignored because of fear or a history of hurt or repressed anger that has never been accepted, felt, understood and ultimately released.

This is (or can be) a clearing of our souls…which has the potential to release the burden we have been carrying and bring new energy into our space.

It takes real courage to call this one. And I think it takes some learning and experience to feel comfortable enough to make the call.

Do you know people who always see the elephant in the room…and who have the self-confidence to speak about it and the sensitivity to express the issue in a way that makes it comfortable for everyone to engage?

If you do, I suggest you study their manner and the results they achieve and, most important of all, connect with their hearts. Because a person who can do this with gentleness and ease and compassion is an angel perched on the arm of the sofa. He is appearing in the guise of an earthly creature but, believe me, he has the gifts of heaven.

We can learn so much from each other…from everyone and everything that enters our path. Not just the angel who calls the elephant back to await his next assignment but the elephant himself who represents the issues we have come here (to our earth life) to address.

The elephant may be an unusual and hidden piece of furniture but, for a time, perhaps, he is the most important presence in the room.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Leaky Faucets and Flat Tires

Do you really know how POWERFUL
you are?

You are so POWERFUL that you can create a reflection of yourself in the environment surrounding you…and also in the persons who populate your life.

And, if you are looking, you can see “yourself” in whatever is going on around you.

Do you have car issues or a plumbing crisis? You are blocking something inside you and it is being manifested in your environment. It’s there as a gift. A knock, knock for you…just in case you have failed to notice what you are doing.

And if you find that the persons in your life are irritating you…knock, knock again. They represent something in yourself you have not dealt with.

It’s really a beautiful system…though it may seem like strange and radical thinking at first glance.

You are truly the playwright of playwrights, author of authors, star of stars…and you are creating and projecting the movie of your life for your own entertainment, education and enlightenment... everywhere around you.

What a majestic universe! What a magical production! That’s you and the story of your life!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Glorious Messenger

The Potential to Transform Your World View

Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that crystals formed in frozen water reveal changes when specific, concentrated thoughts are directed toward them.

He found that water from clear springs and water that has been exposed to loving words shows brilliant, complex, and colorful snowflake patterns. In contrast, polluted water, or water exposed to negative thoughts forms incomplete, asymmetrical patterns with dull colors. The implications of this research create a new awareness of how we can positively impact the earth and our personal health.

from the cover jacket of The Hidden Messages in Water by Dr. Masaru Emoto

Water is such a wonderful bounty of the earth.

It helps sustain our physical bodies, provides power sources for our technology and extends a loving embrace as we immerse ourselves in its pleasures.

Now science is discovering that water holds even more for us than we could have ever imagined.

Dr. Emoto's experiments have shown us that water holds memory and has emotion and provides a reflection to us of ourselves.

Our consciousness has the ability to change the composition of water. And, because our bodies are made up of 70% water and we, therefore, are dependent on water to sustain us...it becomes very important that water reflect the Highest Good man can imagine...i.e, love, gratitude, appreciation, joy.

We are the determiners of what that water will reflect.

And here is the most exciting news...we can use water to heal ourselves and the earth.

I was a part of a global experiment when the waters of Katrina decimated the beautiful city of New Orleans. People around the world (linked together by the internet, a true, contemporary gift of consciousness and unity) all prayed together for the cleansing of the waters contaminated by Katrina.

Three weeks later I noticed an article in U.S. World Today commenting that authorities were mystified to find that an analysis of the water from Katrina yielded no more sediment than what would be found in an ordinary storm.

Just a few days ago another global experiment was conducted as people around the world joined in prayer at a given point in time to pray for the cleansing of the waters contaminated by the nuclear plants in Japan. The prayers were for forgiveness of Mother Earth and gratitude and appreciation of the gifts bestowed on us by the waters affected by the devastation of the tsunami.

How awesome it felt to be a part of such a global intercession...to feel so connected with the world in expressing feelings of caring and compassion.

Recently, I read a suggestion in an Expect Wonderful message about writing our prayers and hopes on paper and placing the water we drink directly on top of them. I did this yesterday with amazing results...not only did the blessed water taste like it was embodied with grace I also received direct spiritual inspiration regarding my requests.

I have tried this before by taping messages of love and gratitude onto water containers and have also held a glass or bottle of water over a Tibetan bowl I was striking to invoke a higher vibration. In each case, the water tasted different...more life giving, more loving...what seemed like a response from the Divine Universe to my requests.

The astounding properties of water suggest an awesome consideration.

If the world and all of its gifts exist to reflect and respond to us, what does that tell us about our journeys?

To me, it says:

We are not alone.

We are loved beyond measure.

We only need ask to receive whatever help we are seeking.

That help will always come in the way which will serve our Highest Good. And it may not arrive in the form we have envisioned.

But that is because Spirit knows what is the BEST way to learn the lessons our souls are seeking through the fulfillment of our desires. The development of faith and trust in this process will ensure our comfort and joy in this journey we call life.

The response of water to our consciousness is a beautiful example of the RESOURCES with which Spirit gifts us.

Let us not fail to take note of this Glorious Messenger!

Friday, April 8, 2011


The Japanese believe there is a mystical force inherent in language...that words have a special spiritual effect on the world. They call this concept Kotodama.

I love this concept because I am a lover of language, a wordsmith. The words I choose to use are very important to me because I sense and feel their power.

In his book The Four Agreements Don Miguel Ruiz discusses what he calls
The Impeccability of

Put very simply, this means using your Word in the direction of love and truth.

It is so important to be authentic in our messages. This is the most efficient and direct path to clear communication.

To do this takes courage, a strong sense of self and the motivation and commitment to speak our truth. This is not always easy for we sometimes want to hide from transparency and avoid revealing our thoughts.

But those hidden thoughts do not stay under cover forever and will sneak out at a future time in a show of attitude or a statement possibly expressed in an unpleasant moment of tension or stress.

Much better to give a mindful, forthright message when we have taken the time and consideration to choose our words with loving and conscious intent.

One important question to ask ourselves is how can I speak my truth AND be sure to express it in a way that would enhance someone's life.

This is where the aspect of LOVE enters in. And here we can be of great assistance to each other.

If we experience anxiety about the word or words being used in a message we can take steps to address this situation.

By sharing the story of what a particular word or phrase means to us we can help someone understand what message is being received. This may not be the message that is being sent but if a particular word or phrase evokes for us a sense of unease and, if we have not yet been able to fully deal with this issue, the sharing of this context can help increase the caring and compassion transpiring between the two individuals.

The sender of the message can also explain the intention behind the words and thereby clarify its meaning from that point of view. Together, an understanding can be reached as to how to best "voice" the message.

In this way the current soul meaning of the "language" for both individuals can be understood and honored...a true gesture of love.

This kind of communication takes a special intent and effort on the part of both persons involved in the interaction but it has great power to accomplish two things:

To give a clear, authentic and meaningful message

To enhance the relationship between two individuals by honoring the souls'
point of evolution.

If we choose to embrace the practice of Kotodama as we interact with each other...we will most assuredly strengthen our relationships and, on a global level, we will all move forward into a more loving Universe.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Once Upon a Time

As little children we often looked forward to hearing a bedtime story as we were being tucked in for the night.

In this story there were often princes and princesses, magical castles, beautiful pastoral settings with fields of flowers and sunshine sprinkled all about. Of course, there was also the evil stepmother or stepfather (or some such figure) who represented trouble but always, always the good prince and princess prevailed in the kingdom. In the end of the story everyone rejoiced and PEACE reigned everywhere.

We loved those stories because they engaged our imagination and desire for drama and also because good always triumphed over evil.

These bedtime stories which soothed the hearts of little children were truly gifts from the angels because the effect of the stories is that little weary bodies relaxed into a place of comfort and safety and let themselves drift peacefully off into the night.

When we grow up, we somehow feel we have to leave our child’s playthings behind. And so we learn to look at the world as a difficult and sometimes jolting place in which we have been planted. And we feel that there are lots of hard knocks to be endured because we are grown up.

And, because we expect that these things will happen, we invite them into our lives. And when they appear, we suffer.

We suffer because we feel someone is doing something to us…Someone is trying to get into our space…or trying to take what is ours…or trying to get us to do something we don’t feel like doing.

This place of victimhood seems to be part of what we believe is our legacy and we feel we just somehow need to endure it.

And yet, an entirely different outcome is possible.

The same loving magic of our childhood still exists and is just waiting for us to recognize it and let it reenter our lives.

This magic is the principle called Changing Our Story.

Alberto Villoldo
describes it so beautifully in his book Courageous Dreaming. And here is how it goes.

When something happens “to” us, we feel like a victim…like what is happening is beyond our control and that we have to somehow LIVE with it or, perhaps, we might choose to put up some resistance. In either case, our reaction translates to SUFFERING.

But, and this is so very important, when we change our role from victim to HERO (think the glorious bedtime adventures of your childhood), everything looks different…feels different…those beautiful moonbeams have fallen on our lives and have given us a look into what is really happening on a soul level.

If we truly believe that everything in our lives exists to teach us something (and I do), this totally changes the story of our lives. Our lives become an adventure of discovering what new wisdom and insight await us in each set of circumstances.

We believe that we are loved and guided and are being led to astounding discoveries. We become the hero who finds the gold (think alchemy) in every new challenge.

In this way, we are not only empowering ourselves to learn life’s lessons we are also comforting ourselves as we did with our childhood bedtime stories. If WE become the heroes of our stories, if we accept the challenge of discovering what there is to learn… we are left with feelings of joy and satisfaction.

Like being tucked in by someone who loves us…who has just given us the gift of the bedtime story... but this time we are giving it to ourselves.

Once upon a time…they lived happily ever after!

Not just a childhood fantasy…but a formula for dealing with life.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


Here’s a steppingstone that will move us forward when we feel locked in a place of negative emotion.

We know what we feel in a given situation and we don’t like it. But it’s difficult to move past it. At the same time we can clearly see where we would like to be and it’s a Higher Self position. But we are not there yet.

Take a breath, center ourselves and make this simple comment:
This is what I aspire to:

Use whatever words fit the moment:

I aspire to be loving and compassionate.
I aspire to forgive the hurt.
I aspire to see where my ego is entering into this situation.
I aspire to be centered and peaceful.
I aspire to take beautiful care of myself.
I aspire to speak my truth.
I aspire to listen to yours.

Just the mere utterance to ourselves and to others of these powerful words:
This is what I aspire to will be a personal and public declaration of where we intend to go with our reaction and what we intend to do about it.

We are giving notice to the lower vibrations circling around us that they are on their way out of this picture. We have declared our intention to let the sunshine in and act from a foundation of

This beautiful message helps us relieve our suffering and also assists others to see what we are intending to accomplish.

There is a softening that occurs when these words are uttered…in our hearts and in the hearts of those around us.

I have never seen these words fail to make a difference. They’re a form of alchemy…making gold out of base metal.

One step forward…but a very important one…in bringing in the

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Ultimate Debut

I love Irving Berlin's song, There's No Business Like Show Business and my greatest joy has recently become waking up in the morning and waiting for the SHOW to begin.

Several years of spiritual searching have taught me that the Divine Universe can’t wait to bring forth a parade of amazing SYNCHRONICITIES – beautiful messages supporting the hopes and dreams of my Higher Self.

Reflecting my intention and energy…
Inspiring me to make new connections…
Revealing me to myself…

Showing me the beauty that surrounds me…

Encouraging me to speak my truth…

Encouraging me to bless EVERYTHING…

and Teaching me how to change the STORY of my life.

As Neale Donald Walsch would phrase it, guiding me to the “next, grandest version of myself.”

On my way to this discovery I experienced a number of physical issues (messages) which served to convince me to release the fear response of endless attempts to find solutions to every problem and gratefully SURRENDER to Divine Guidance as my Source of Light and Love.

And to understand that all lessons are gifts. Every experience is meant to teach us something.

Once we grasp the lesson, we come closer to knowing our true selves.

When the intellect connects with the heart and we learn to listen to and honor our bodies and the still, silent voice inside us, we can find the lesson in EVERYTHING. We know that we are gifted with all that is necessary to accomplish this.

Mystic Marks
represents the search to find my Dharma…to find what I Love to do…what brings me into Flow…and to Share with others what has brought me Peace.

from Marie's Journey