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Monday, February 5, 2024

Lemons, Lemonade and Quantum Physics

Everyone's heard the famous saying encouraging us to 
And we often take that sage advice to heart, taking a difficult situation and making improvements for ourselves. 
And we are very proud of our work and rightly so, taking ownership of the lemonade.


Quantum physics tells us that we create our "world"... and that sounds wonderful to us and we often view that statement as referring to the great things we want to bring into it.

But what if we are creating those wonderful things...the things that really bring us joy  by starting with the lemonsfirst.


Let me back up for a minute and explain what I mean.

The thing that really brings us joy, I feel, is the lemonade that comes from the lemons.  

That lemonade is no easy concoction.  it requires acceptance, surrender, faith, trust, perseverance and, often, tenacity.  (Ever see that recipe In a cookbook?  I'm sure it appears in a celestial version.)

And now let's get to the lemons.  The pesky, annoying, difficult and sometimes devastating things that rock our world...and not in a good way.  The things that sometimes make us feel like a victim and give rise to the feeling of "Why me?".


What if the force behind the lemon eight ball is really us...throwing those lemons at ourselves with vigor and even delight because we know what we are capable of...the heights we can reach?


What if the lemons are a masterfully creative way of inspiring us to reach for a new insight, a wisdom that will totally transform our lives? 

And what if WE dreamed them up...and those lemonsweren't coming AT US but rather to us and for us?

Now the "lemons" of our lives look different.  They're our creation...our compatriots...our partners in the glorious experiment we call Life in earth school.


Wow...aren't we the clever ones? 

While we are busy making that lemonade, let's bring some real appreciation to our sense of invention and creativity. 

And, when we recognize the details of our master plan and transcend the mystery, we can actually ENJOY the art of creating that divine drink from the mysterious and powerful lemons we bring into our lives.

                                                    Marie Helena

image from medilodge.wordpress.com