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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Beneath the Rocky Surface

  Sometimes the Universe delivers its messages to us through very surprising messengers.  Ones we may not recognize nor appreciate.  And that is the reason why we should pay special attention to what is happening to us even when it's not comfortable...like when someone confronts us or calls us out about something we said or did.  Our first reaction may be "Ouch!" but a beautiful light may lie beneath that rocky surface, a light that will empower us to stretch and grow.

Here's the reason there could be a hidden gift in this picture and it may surprise you:
It's because what you hear may help make you FREE.  I heard this sentiment expressed a couple of weeks ago and did a double take on it until I really thought about it and heard the reasoning behind it.

We are not always able to see ourselves objectively and certainly not when our emotions have become embroiled.  Therefore, we may be missing important information about what is going on inside us.  A bystander, friend (or even foe) or Significant Other, however, may be able to see something we just might want or need to pay attention to...something that is keeping us tethered to unconscious behavior and something that is not in our best interest, self-satisfying though it may be.   And, if we tune in and really hear that "something" pointed out, we can at least be aware of it and entertain the possibility that it has some truth in it...a truth that may be really difficult for us to hear or face for some unknown reason. 

And, in fact, the individual who makes the unwelcome comment may be a heavenly messenger who actually helps us reach the next,grandest version of ourselves, although in a most unanticipated manner.  The Divine Universe may be deeming us ready to step up and deal and, if we have the courage to step out of our default reaction and into the possibility of a new view of ourselves, we may receive the grace and guidance to make a stunning transformation.

Of course, we will have to discard what might be some "colorful" wrappings on the message (heated emotion, edgy tone, flushed face) and find the gem that could be hiding behind the masquerade.  And here's another relevant point, if WE feel a reaction to someone else's reaction, then you can bet there is something big we're carrying inside that has just hit the light of day.

 Opportunity is knocking.  Is anyone there?

The question is:   Will we find the soul message that could be buried beneath the discomfort, an edgy encounter that may be necessary because we have missed earlier clues sent our way?

Divine Messengers come in many disguises offering us the opportunity to tap into our courage and wisdom to check and see if a message is waiting to get our attention.  

Who is REALLY sitting beside you?

                                                                                   Marie Helena

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Through the Looking Glass

The behavior we display to others when we are IN OUR POWER is usually strong, positive, considerate and compassionate.  

This behavior represents our very best self and is a JOY to behold.

However, when we are especially stressed by life's challenges or very low on energy because of certain  burdens or unresolved issues, our behavior can look very different.

Everyone experiences these times of dissonance as we struggle with the difficulties of the moment and, during these times, we may display some not-so-attractive behavior.

What a beautiful GIFT it is, then, when someone close to us can recognize that we are not at this moment our naturally bright and loving selves and may be challenging or uncomfortable to be around BECAUSE we are in pain or have overextended our energy and not listened to and honored the messages of our own body.

How wonderful to have someone in our lives recognize that when we display this kind of behavior, we are in distress...to have someone have a strong sense that  this is not the person they know us to be.

How easy is it for YOU to see through someone's moments of tumult and turmoil and connect with the beautiful soul underneath these outer (and often frustrating) trappings? 

Can you hold an image of love and caring when the words you hear seem so different?  

If  you can, what a beautiful gift to extend to someone...to be  able to honor their soul and spirit even while it labors under the duress of these difficult moments!

Here is Spirit's guidance to help us through this challenge:

Keep the highest/best moment you have ever had with that person strongly in your heart.  Know that this is what he is capable of and that some distress has intervened between that experience and what you are currently seeing.  Tell that person you sense that he may be encountering some stress and and offer your support if the person would like this from you.

Whenever  someone's light is not shining through, it is being obscured by unresolved pain.  We can recognize and minister to that pain by our LOVING ACCEPTANCE of however that moment is showing itself to us.

Everything that exists is love expressing itself the best way it knows how.  Sometimes that BEST WAY is cloaked in pain and a generous heart is needed to LOVE WHAT IS!

                                                                                              Marie Helena

image from
Through the Looking Glass
originally published September 14, 2011

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Whenever we meet someone who has some wonderful quality we would like to possess we are filled with admiration and awe.
How wonderful, we think, if we could also exhibit that impressive virtue!

To put it in colloquial and contemporary terms: We want us some of that.

And here’s the fabulous news. We can get it!

We do this by utilizing the fascinating process of ENTRAINMENT. For our purposes here we could call it tuning our brainwaves to a desired frequency.

INTENTION is always the instrument of delivery.

Here’s the scenario.

We see something we admire in another…we observe the individual’s trait in action and are impressed …we wonder what our life would be like if we acted in this manner, if we had the wisdom and skill to possess and exercise this powerful artistry…

Then, we INTEND to receive the gift by choosing to move to its vibrational level and asking for it to be given to us.

The Divine Universe exists to support and encourage us. It hears our request and proceeds to manifest it if this is something we truly want and have expressed it through our emotions and it is for our Highest Good.

This process is called entrainment. (to entrain means to carry along or transfer)

Just think about the exponential way we can grow when we understand that we can ask to develop the most beautiful gifts we see in others and then enjoy the seeds of that wonderful quality which are implanted in our soul.

Like all seedlings, this beginning needs to be nurtured by us.
Watered…Presented to the Sun…Enjoyed…Appreciated.

As nature takes its course in our gardens, so also does The Divine deliver to us the bounty we desire…and in the most awesome and powerful way.

The beautiful thing here is…

We do not have to concern ourselves with the details. We need only ask for our heart’s desire and let the Divine do the heavy lifting.

Perhaps one of the reasons the gifts of another exist is to show us what is possible in our lives. Our only requirement in this work is to place requests and watch with gratitude and delight as they are filled for us!

image from Shapeshifter/VisionaryMusic.com

originally printed July 11, 2011

Sunday, August 10, 2014

DANCING in the Rain

STORMS are mysterious things. 

They are gray and dark and  feel uncomfortable as if something is off kilter and is trying to right itself.  

They can make us feel apprehensive or fearful while we are waiting for them to pass. 

But even though storms can feel threatening to us,  they carry a beautiful message...crackling and  sparking, twisting and  turning in tumult and turbulence but eventually finding their way to clarity and ease.

And when they do, there is a glorious release on mother earth, the resonant rhythm of  RAIN.


So dance,  dance in the rain...the beautiful shower of  GRACE which illuminates your life, inevitably pointing you to the next highest path of your journey.   

But dance, dance also in and through the storm, too, for that storm is your readiness to acknowledge, confront, feel and release what you have previously placed aside.   

And this process...this journey...though challenging is BEAUTIFUL and sings your courage to leave the old, familiar, unconscious habits that have shortchanged your joy and brought you suffering...and move instead to embrace new paths that will bring you to freedom and peace.

All of LIFE is a dance. 
Don't miss ONE  BAR of the beautiful music.

image from marliina.blogspot.com
originally published September 21, 2012

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Joy of Receiving

Joy is a commodity we all want to experience...and we go to great lengths to find it.  

Often we orchestrate the joy by deciding to DO something that we passionately enjoy. 

And  this is a beautiful avenue of entry into this glorious state.  It is a direct path...one we consciously choose to experience.

There is, however, a path to Joy not so ordinarily accessed.  But it holds the promise and opportunity for tremendous happiness...the path of Receiving.

When we open ourselves to what is flowing INTO our lives, we intersect with a myriad of energies surrounding and moving through us.  Each of these energies holds the opportunity for us to give to and receive love from others and ourselves and to address issues that need to be felt, accepted and released. 

A single phrase uttered by someone nearby...the realization that we cannot bring ourselves to do a certain household chore...the inspiring email we receive...the tears that keep appearing when we remember a moment of our defensiveness or reaction...

EVERYTHING that comes into our path...into our consciousness... is a message flowing in from the Divine Universe to help us on our path of healing.

Spiritual author Gary Zukav says 

You cannot, and will not, encounter a circumstance, or a single   moment that does not serve directly and immediately the need of your soul to  heal.

What an inspiring and soothing thought that is...the belief that

 EV-ER-Y-THING that comes into our lives is there to guide us!  

Our work is to pay conscious attention to the guideposts and  open ourselves to the lessons. 

Now THIS is the Ultimate Heavenly University.  We don't even need to apply.  We're already accepted.  And the studies we need to undertake AND the  guidance we need to master them just magically appear for our consideration every single day.

But...we have to be aware that all of this beautiful support is there.  We need a generous supply of FCB...faith, confidence and belief in how deeply loved and cared for we truly are.

With that strong and steady faith... and that vibrant confidence...and that unwavering  belief...we are poised to experience the glorious Joy of Receiving what is continually being created to help us heal and,..to ultimately ensure our happiness.

                                                                                   Marie Helena

image from Facebook.com
originally printed October 3, 2012