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Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Creative Spirit

It is my belief that the creative spirit within each of us is the medicine necessary for our own healing.
    Julia Cameron

When all of our chakras or energy centers are open and flowing freely, we experience the gift of gloriously radiant health.  When those energy centers are blocked, however, this beautiful body of ours cannot complete its life circuit through the chakras with ease and grace. 

Fortunately, we do have the ability to achieve this state and heal ourselves and we do this by opening these very powerful passageways in our body.  Julia Cameron tells us that the most important part of keeping ourselves in this space of openness comes through accessing, recognizing, enjoying and delighting in our creativity.   Underlying her belief is the premise that we are made to create, we are designed to do this.  Our souls cry out for this opportunity to dream and do and are joyless and bereft without it.

It's the difference between mechanically walking through the motions, sitting in the back seat and letting others drive you around or blazing your own path and feeling totally alive and vibrant and it comes from the spark of your brilliantly loving soul.

Your soul has a mission:  to sing its "song" and it will not be happy nor will it be satisfied until it steps up to unselfconsciously delight in expressing that awesome "melody".

Each of us is here because we have a unique interpretation of life and we are called to grace the universal consciousness with that melody.
  We do this by speaking our truth and caring enough to hear the truth of others.  We do this by the way we express our love language through words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, acts of service and touch.

We do this when we sigh or hum or whistle or bravely give voice (and, therefore, life) to a beautiful song.  We do this when we tap our feet, clap or get right out there on the dance floor.  We do this when we pick up a brush and paint a picture or play a musical instrument or write a wonderful story or poem. 
It's all about the way we choose to connect with the world, the way we are engaged and present to what is going on and the way we receive and respond to the messages coming to us.

It is our spiritually courageous choice to be fully and authentically who we are that animates us and gives strength and vitality to the body, that heals it from its imperfections and vulnerability. 

The decision to express ourselves authentically (and, therefore, creatively) is really an imperative to our soul.  As Julia Cameron says, it's the medicine needed for our own healing.

                                                                                              Marie Helena


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Words of Wisdom by Daisaku Ikeda

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Cosmic Mall

Whenever we find ourselves with some extra financial resources, it's often delightful to go shopping, indulging ourselves by seeing what's new in our favorite area of interest...clothes, computers, cosmetics, gadgets, music, books.  If we are in the mood, it's great fun.  Nothing like checking things out, feeling in the groove.

Interestingly, it seems there is a shopping plaza that NONE of us is able to resist and we may not be consciously aware of this oh-so-fascinating draw, but our souls surely are because that is why we are here in earth school...to go shopping in  

And there are some really alluring boutiques there.  Do you know what they are selling?  Experiences.  Human Experiences for spiritual creatures.  That's you and me and everybody else on planet earth, by the way.  That's the captivating charade we've all opted into.  

Now this may sound strange but spiritual creatures are very curious and they love adventures so they may choose to see what melancholy feels like...or utter frustration, pain, sadness or perhaps joy or perseverance.  The opportunities are endless. Once our choices are made, the Universe lines up to fill the requests with full powered gusto (translation:  hang on to the rope, folks, it's going to be a R I D E).

It's all a mystical monsoon and while we are bravely buffering through the tempest of our creations,  wouldn't it be wonderful if we could "remember" our master plan?

What if on some level we really GOT THIS?  Perhaps we would feel less lost in this intense illusion we have designed for ourselves because we are so divinely and 
astonishingly powerful and, unfortunately, have "powerfully" forgotten the masquerade we have envisioned.

Here's the beautiful help I get during these formidable provocations. Just when I begin to feel totally lost in the challenges in front of me that seem overwhelming, I am able to recall the words of William Linville, my "new best friend" (spiritually speaking) who is clear Creator Consciousness in a physical body:  "What a riot!"

Linville's "spirit"ed exclamation takes me out of my earthbound weariness and brings me shooting up to the stars where a new perspective holds welcome clarity and my soul whispers, "It's all a magical playground...so PLAY!"

                                                                                           Marie Helena

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Friday, July 18, 2014

The View from Up Here!

The view we hold of life is always influenced by the place where we stand...both literally and metaphorically.  For example, literally speaking, if we stand at the foot of a mountain its peak looks very small in the distance.  If we stand on the top of a mountain, we have a beautiful, panoramic view of what lies below. 

In life the same principle holds true in our personal interactions in a very spiritual way.  The LOWER the vibration of our reaction to an event that has occurred, the less we can see of that beautiful "mountaintop".  The  HIGHER the vibration of our response to that event,  the more we can take in the "beautiful horizon" around us.

And what would constitute a "lower" vibration view in this scenario? 
Seeing what is happening from the lens of limiting beliefs, painful or hurt feelings, unresolved issues.  In other words, giving something that has happened the worst possible interpretation we can think of at that moment.  A "higher" vibration view would be making a conscious decision to interpret what is happening in the most accepting, most compassionate way we can imagine.and, hopefully, with some lightness and humor as that always helps us and everyone else involved gain perspective.

Here's an example
We are speaking with someone and while we are still forming our words, the person begins to turn and start moving away from us.  The view at the foot of this mountain:  "Wait a minute.  I am still speaking.  Why are you walking away?"

The view from the top of this mountain would look quite different. 
Here when we are speaking and a person begins to fidget or move about we might say, "I see you are dancing.  What 'music' are you hearing?"

There's a huge difference in these two reactions.  The first one interprets the behavior as uncaring.  The second one interprets it in the highest possible light...something is going on inside the person that wants his body to move.

And, if we think about the situation calmly for a moment, we can see that the second interpretation has to be true.  Something IS going on.  Something the person hasn't understood or resolved.  And, wonderfully, we are giving that person compassion and understanding. 

How did we get to this beautiful state of generous caring?  By making the conscious choice to go to the highest peak on the mountain...in other words, to go to the best possible interpretation of what has just transpired.  We can cultivate this habit in ourselves...practice it....experiment with it....see how this choice changes our feelings and what happens next.

Here's a thought.  We may not have the physical stamina and endurance to make the demanding climb to Mount Everest or Mount Kilimanjaro.  But we can be adventurous mountain climbers in our hearts by taking on the challenge of reaching for that panoramic view of what everyone's interactions represent.  And the road sign in to that destination:  This way to "the best possible interpretation". 

There is always more going on than we can see from our own, personal view, but THE VIEW FROM UP HERE holds the potential to give us that very important information.


                                                                                       Marie Helena

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Who are the Guests at Your Tea Party?

..Pay attention to your thoughts and how those thoughts feel to you. If they feel good, then you are open to life and open to positive life experiences. If, however, those thoughts don’t feel good, then please understand that the beliefs those thoughts are based upon are restricting your life experience in some way.

                                                                                Grant Connolly

What's the simplest way to be open to having beautiful life experiences?  Listen to your body.

Your BODY is an amazing, sophisticated barometer which will tell you instantaneously (if you are listening) whether your choice of behavior is good for your well-being...your body, your emotions, your spirit.  All you need do is tune in to the messages it is broadcasting. 

Can you recall a time when your body felt light, relaxed, in-the-flow? This lovely feeling meant you were doing something that was good for you.  And can you also recall a time when you felt anxious, wound up...frustrated, perhaps, and angry?  The activity going on in this space was obviously NOT enhancing to your life and your body let you know it so ask yourself what was happening at that time...what were you thinking about.  Thoughts often pass randomly through our mind throughout the day so the issue here is what was the nature of those thoughts that were roaming through you.and what emotions did these thoughts stir up in you?

Thoughts that produce good feelings promote expansion, opening of the heart.  Thoughts that produce distressing, uncomfortable feelings make us contract, close down, shut off.  As Grant Connolly says, "they restrict our life experience."

And,  significantly, those thoughts ARE in our control because on some level we choose what we want to think about, dwell on, rhapsodize over...whether that's through conscious choice or a default reaction.  And the default reactions (which were often formed a long time ago) ARE pesky critters but they can be tamed through commitment and conscious choice.

If we find ourselves thinking about scenarios laced with the lower energies of fear, anger, judgment or self-doubt, for example, we can respond by acknowledging their presence, thanking  them for visiting and informing them that  they will NOT be having "tea" with us today so they either have to transform themselves to a higher vibration or leave the premises.

Remember, this is our territory, our body, and WE get to decide which thoughts visit and which get to stay.  By carefully choosing the high-vibration thoughts and their corresponding high vibration beliefs which we entertain at our on-going tea party, we make sure that we keep our bodies in the state of peace, joy and relaxation.  And, when we are in that beautiful place of open-hearted expansion, our behavior and life experiences will surely reflect our high vibration field of vision.

Who are the guests at your tea party?

                                                                                                              Marie Helena

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Chauffeur

Imagine a sleek, shiny limousine waiting for you to ride in...complete with a skillful, experienced chauffeur who effortlessly whisks you away to your desired destinations and knows so well the routes you enjoy.   

This is a personal assistant with whom you are extremely comfortable.  You have traveled to many destinations together and it is always the ride you desire and expect.  And, of course, YOU are the one who is responsible for hiring this chauffeur whom you trust so implicitly with the task of getting you to all of the events on your life calendar.  And why wouldn't you be for he is the EMBODIMENT of your own PERSONAL BELIEF SYSTEM.

chauffeur is entrusted with important responsibilities.  Once he knows the location you desire to be transported to, he determines the ROUTE he will follow to get you there.  He knows you well...your likes and dislikes, your preferences, the things you absolutely feel comfortable with and the things that annoy, irritate and rattle you to the core.  And, of course, he will go to great lengths to avoid them

There is something to be said for preserving and perpetuating your comfort but  perhaps following the same old route EVERY TIME is not serving you well.

There is a very simple yet profound adage that says,
If you keep doing what you always do,
  You're going to get what you always get.

If you perchance are not satisfied with what is happening in your life, perhaps it's time to see who is really driving your limo.  Just who is this limo driver so sure of how things should go?  Is he (you) missing something?  Does he always follow the routes he (you) learned many years ago and has he (you) stopped considering any new input?  Has he (you) missed something important or misread or misunderstood the "street signs"?

Such is the nature of our belief system.  It shapes and molds and may even calcify our view of life effectively eliminating the possibility of viewing life through a different lens than the one we have always known.

And what if we have adopted the view of someone in our life who has exerted great influence upon us?  And what if that very influential person's "view" has been subject to his own personal limitations or experiences?  And, by the way, WHO is driving HIS limo?

This complicated state of affairs has been the case all along for all of us because it is the nature of how things work in earth school.  We are ALL struggling, learning, and sometimes misperceiving or misunderstanding how things are.  If we limit ourselves to the initial view that we have learned from the influence of another, what will we have missed because we have never considered it possible?

And that is why it is so very necessary and wise to examine carefully ALL of our beliefs, to hold then up for introspection and to also consider alternate beliefs and see how THEY might operate in our lives.

I have been astounded to discover the possibilities I have cut myself off from because of the societal and cultural beliefs I have unquestioningly embraced.  Now I have adventures "playing" with opposing beliefs, turning the original ones topsy turvy to see where they might land.

By the way, I've got an ad out for a new chauffeur.  

Adventurous, open-minded, out-of-the-box thinker who is always searching for the most astonishing routes on this road map called Life.

I'm looking to mix it up in this new version of myself and see where it takes me!  How about you?

                                                                                        Marie Helena


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