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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Who are the Guests at Your Tea Party?

..Pay attention to your thoughts and how those thoughts feel to you. If they feel good, then you are open to life and open to positive life experiences. If, however, those thoughts don’t feel good, then please understand that the beliefs those thoughts are based upon are restricting your life experience in some way.

                                                                                Grant Connolly

What's the simplest way to be open to having beautiful life experiences?  Listen to your body.

Your BODY is an amazing, sophisticated barometer which will tell you instantaneously (if you are listening) whether your choice of behavior is good for your well-being...your body, your emotions, your spirit.  All you need do is tune in to the messages it is broadcasting. 

Can you recall a time when your body felt light, relaxed, in-the-flow? This lovely feeling meant you were doing something that was good for you.  And can you also recall a time when you felt anxious, wound up...frustrated, perhaps, and angry?  The activity going on in this space was obviously NOT enhancing to your life and your body let you know it so ask yourself what was happening at that time...what were you thinking about.  Thoughts often pass randomly through our mind throughout the day so the issue here is what was the nature of those thoughts that were roaming through you.and what emotions did these thoughts stir up in you?

Thoughts that produce good feelings promote expansion, opening of the heart.  Thoughts that produce distressing, uncomfortable feelings make us contract, close down, shut off.  As Grant Connolly says, "they restrict our life experience."

And,  significantly, those thoughts ARE in our control because on some level we choose what we want to think about, dwell on, rhapsodize over...whether that's through conscious choice or a default reaction.  And the default reactions (which were often formed a long time ago) ARE pesky critters but they can be tamed through commitment and conscious choice.

If we find ourselves thinking about scenarios laced with the lower energies of fear, anger, judgment or self-doubt, for example, we can respond by acknowledging their presence, thanking  them for visiting and informing them that  they will NOT be having "tea" with us today so they either have to transform themselves to a higher vibration or leave the premises.

Remember, this is our territory, our body, and WE get to decide which thoughts visit and which get to stay.  By carefully choosing the high-vibration thoughts and their corresponding high vibration beliefs which we entertain at our on-going tea party, we make sure that we keep our bodies in the state of peace, joy and relaxation.  And, when we are in that beautiful place of open-hearted expansion, our behavior and life experiences will surely reflect our high vibration field of vision.

Who are the guests at your tea party?

                                                                                                              Marie Helena

image from www.thaivisa.com

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