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Monday, November 23, 2015

The Cutting Edge: Won't It be Wonderful When...

American inspirational speaker and author Esther Hicks has a great suggestion for those moments when we begin to fret about something that is not working out the way we want it to.  She cautions that our fretting, which feels like such a logical expression of our discomfort and anxiety, only serves to bring us MORE OF THE SAME

Vibrations are attracted to each other.  We are sending out a vibration of angst and we are attracting more angst into our life.  And, if we have fully surrendered to this distressing  position, we can get so dramatic about the situation and even up the vibrational ante with our philosophical renderings:   
"I knew this would happen." 
"This is the way it always goes." 
 "Why me?"

In effect, we have placed our order with great emotion and drama, unaware of the fact that the Universe is the PERFECT delivery system and it gives back to us whatever we present.  Whatever vibration we send out with our thoughts and emotions is the determining factor of what we will get back.  Our perception of trouble brings more trouble. 

"Really?you might think   "Thanks a lot.  Just what I need...more trouble." 
 "I can't catch a break."  But the fact is, YOU CAN just by understanding the natural rhythm of the Universe and being willing to put some conscious effort into the messages you deliver to yourself.

Of course, there is more to the story.  You are not going to be willing to consciously formulate a hopeful message if you haven't noticed these things...

The Universe is designed to bring you whatever experiences that you are attracted to. 

Whatever you wish to experience will come to you when you ALLOW it...
    when you don't mess things up with your fear of unworthiness and doubts and
    when you trust that what you desire will be delivered to you in the perfect time.

All that you have to do is KNOW that this process will happen and anticipate the arrival of what you have dreamed.

Our home base here IS earth school and our lessons are supposed to be uber challenging.  And this is no exception.  This work is not easy.  It takes some CUTTING EDGE awareness and wisdom and...curiosity.  We are often unwilling to leave our old habits and default of victimhood because it feels so comfortable there.  It's what we know and everybody talks like that...right?

See where that kind of thinking takes you?  In circles of suffering...and why should you have to be stuck there because it's what everybody does?

Why not see for yourself?  Experiment.  Try feeling Esther Hick's new mantra, one which expresses so eloquently the way you would like things to be and celebrates, in advance, the "perfect" moment in which you get out of your own way and your desired vibrational wish makes its way to you.

Won't if be wonderful when...

                                                                                           Marie Helena

image from chemersgallery.blogspot.com
from the book, "Wishing Ball" watercolor/collage

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Third Identity

We all want to have the most beautiful relationships…kindred souls sharing our thoughts and feelings, listening to each other with perfect engagement, affirming the amazing gifts we see in each other, sharing the joy and pain of our adventures.


The “instant snapshot” of this idyllic picture reigns mostly in our hopes and dreams and in our imaginations…for real relationships take a great amount of work…and patience…and nurturing… and, often, our egos join in and cause even more complications.

Recently, I heard a podcast by Meredith Murphy of Expect Wonderful in which she discusses “whole relationships” and how to achieve them. In this presentation she says that every relationship between two people has a third identity, too…and, that is, the energy of the relationship that is created between them. And, this, according to Meredith, is an important place to put our attention, especially when there is discord and strife.

As I reflect on this thought, I feel drawn to the invitation to leave self and move beyond to this energy vortex. Tuning in to this energy field seems to change the picture for me. It releases my personal reactions and, instead, focuses on what is going on in this energetic exchange and, especially, it focuses on the question of where/what is the energy of the other person in the relationship at this time.

This conscious choice naturally (and immediately) introduces CARING and COMPASSION directly back into the picture for me. It SHIFTS the focus to a loving place. And this is what I aspire to.

It is so wonderful  TO FIND A WAY TO GET TO LOVE so directly during a time of dissonance and unrest.

                                                                                                 Marie Helena

originally published December 10, 2010

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Cutting Edge: Lose the Default

As we travel through the life map our soul has designed, we adopt a LOT of coping mechanisms to help us navigate the journey.  When things get really difficult, we find ways to sidestep the enormity of the lessons and rest our weary selves in the comfort of a subconscious, conditioned reaction, honed to perfection by our repeat visits to this isle of escape.

Tension in the workplace?  Misunderstandings?  Misinformation?  Traffic holdups?  Long lines at the supermarket?  Fretting family members?  Briefcase full of unfinished assignments?   
Stop!  Enough already.  

And here our culture and conditioning step in to give us options for these kinds of difficult moments.  A wine cooler...or chocolate...football...games on the IPhone...shopping...Whatever...

We may get some temporary respite from our chosen "distraction".  But, ultimately, it is not enough to drown out the din inside us.  Next, we have learned to figure out where we can assign the blame.  "Mikey" did it.  The world is full of potential "Mikey's".  It's their fault.  Whatever is wrong is their fault.  We can always make a case for why our problem and our reaction are someone else's responsibility.

And so, in the face of pressure and stress, we find the easy way out.  And these "easy ways" become our defaults.

But these default reactions don't serve us well.  Although they give us some short term relief, they ignore the Message we are receiving.  Something we are doing is not in alignment with our Higher Self.  And we need to see what is really transpiring.  And we need to find a new way to get that information.

HERE is the perfect moment for us to LOSE THE OLD DEFAULT.  Here is where we can recognize that we have been hiding by defending ourselves, attacking others or ignoring or covering up our upset with methods of comfort.  Here is where we can bravely try something new...lose the old default and design a new and better way to deal with what is bothering us. 

Like letting ourselves FEEL what is happening to us instead of "beating it out of there".
Like recognizing that our angst is coming from some unhealed pain from the past...pain which we originally buried because we did not have the tools to deal with it.  Pain we have been watching ourselves resurrect over and over and over...whenever we are triggered. 

How great it would feel to finally get that negative, stuck energy out in the open...see it for what it is...offer ourselves compassion for experiencing it and give ourselves and/or others understanding and forgiveness for, in reality, only doing in that moment "what we/they knew how to do".

This is tough, brave work and we must be gentle with ourselves when we undertake it. Now, our "default" may need to be quiet moments in nature, meditation...a cup of herbal tea. And a message delivered to ourselves and possibly to others that we need time to process what has happened and our reaction to it.

THIS is how we gain the opportunity to become our best selves, to begin to live what we aspire to be.  We change our old, predictable ways of reacting by FINALLY hearing the wisdom of the "Message".   By realizing that any upsetting reaction that we experience is really about us and some unhealed pain in us that needs to be addressed.  By owning our feelings and resolving to hear what they are trying to tell us.  It is THEN that we are able to lose the old defaults and replace them with something much better.  Something that makes us feel self-respect and self-affirmation regarding our response to VERY difficult situations.  

Simple...but not easy.  Cutting edge.  

                                                                                            Marie Helena

image from hatoola13.deviantart.com

Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Cosmic Mall

Whenever we find ourselves with some extra financial resources, it's often delightful to go shopping, indulging ourselves by seeing what's new in our favorite area of interest...clothes, computers, cosmetics, gadgets, music, books.  If we are in the mood, it's great fun.  Nothing like checking things out, feeling in the groove.

Interestingly, it seems there is a shopping plaza that NONE of us is able to resist and we may not be consciously aware of this oh-so-fascinating draw, but our souls surely are because that is why we are here in earth school...to go shopping in  

And there are some really alluring boutiques there.  Do you know what they are selling?  Experiences.  Human Experiences for spiritual creatures.  That's you and me and everybody else on planet earth, by the way.  That's the captivating charade we've all opted into.  

Now this may sound strange but spiritual creatures are very curious and they love adventures so they may choose to see what melancholy feels like...or utter frustration, pain, sadness or perhaps joy or perseverance.  The opportunities are endless. Once our choices are made, the Universe lines up to fill the requests with full powered gusto (translation:  hang on to the rope, folks, it's going to be a R I D E).

It's all a mystical monsoon and while we are bravely buffering through the tempest of our creations,  wouldn't it be wonderful if we could "remember" our master plan?

What if on some level we really GOT THIS?  Perhaps we would feel less lost in this intense illusion we have designed for ourselves because we are so divinely and 
astonishingly powerful and, unfortunately, have "powerfully" forgotten the masquerade we have envisioned.

Here's the beautiful help I get during these formidable provocations. Just when I begin to feel totally lost in the challenges in front of me that seem overwhelming, I am able to recall the words of William Linville, my "new best friend" (spiritually speaking) who is clear Creator Consciousness in a physical body:  "What a riot!"

Linville's "spirit"ed exclamation takes me out of my earthbound weariness and brings me shooting up to the stars where a new perspective holds welcome clarity and my soul whispers, "It's all a magical playground...so PLAY!"

                                                                                           Marie Helena

image from www.mitsuifudosan.
originally published July 20, 2014

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Other Side of the Veil

It has often been suggested that when we leave our earth life we have access to “The Other Side of the Veil” where we are able to know our Spirit Selves in their full glory.
In this picture life on earth feels concrete and real, replete with strong sensory experiences and intense energies.

The other side of the veil seems a hazy vision.

But what if we have it BACKWARDS?

If our authentic and essential essence is in our SPIRITUAL PRESENCE,
what if
WE...living our earth journeys...are what is on the other side of the veil?
What if
WE are the hazy vision being observed by our SPIRIT SELVES?

Our sojourn here is just one small part of our story, one small part of who we are...actually just
a Moment in Time...a moment that is being viewed by our
SPIRIT SELVES with caring, love and compassion.

Because of the nature of duality and the difficult challenges of earth life this moment feels so very real that it is difficult to fathom its place in the sweeping, pandemic, NEVER ending story of our true existence.

Our time here on earth may be the dusky, hazy dream we have envisioned for ourselves so that we can experience and learn life’s true lessons on what is really
the other side of the veil.

image from latinalista.com.    

orginally printed November 23, 2012