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Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Cosmic Mall

Whenever we find ourselves with some extra financial resources, it's often delightful to go shopping, indulging ourselves by seeing what's new in our favorite area of interest...clothes, computers, cosmetics, gadgets, music, books.  If we are in the mood, it's great fun.  Nothing like checking things out, feeling in the groove.

Interestingly, it seems there is a shopping plaza that NONE of us is able to resist and we may not be consciously aware of this oh-so-fascinating draw, but our souls surely are because that is why we are here in earth school...to go shopping in  

And there are some really alluring boutiques there.  Do you know what they are selling?  Experiences.  Human Experiences for spiritual creatures.  That's you and me and everybody else on planet earth, by the way.  That's the captivating charade we've all opted into.  

Now this may sound strange but spiritual creatures are very curious and they love adventures so they may choose to see what melancholy feels like...or utter frustration, pain, sadness or perhaps joy or perseverance.  The opportunities are endless. Once our choices are made, the Universe lines up to fill the requests with full powered gusto (translation:  hang on to the rope, folks, it's going to be a R I D E).

It's all a mystical monsoon and while we are bravely buffering through the tempest of our creations,  wouldn't it be wonderful if we could "remember" our master plan?

What if on some level we really GOT THIS?  Perhaps we would feel less lost in this intense illusion we have designed for ourselves because we are so divinely and 
astonishingly powerful and, unfortunately, have "powerfully" forgotten the masquerade we have envisioned.

Here's the beautiful help I get during these formidable provocations. Just when I begin to feel totally lost in the challenges in front of me that seem overwhelming, I am able to recall the words of William Linville, my "new best friend" (spiritually speaking) who is clear Creator Consciousness in a physical body:  "What a riot!"

Linville's "spirit"ed exclamation takes me out of my earthbound weariness and brings me shooting up to the stars where a new perspective holds welcome clarity and my soul whispers, "It's all a magical playground...so PLAY!"

                                                                                           Marie Helena

image from www.mitsuifudosan.
originally published July 20, 2014

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