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Sunday, July 31, 2022

The Very Special Grace of the Tulip

During the spring and summer months of the year I love to keep a tall, clear, glass vase of beautiful cut flowers on the counter in the kitchen. 

I pass by them frequently and they never fail to bring me joy.  There is, however, a particular flower that not only reveals to me its color and shape and exquisite design, it also impresses upon my heart the mystery and glory and the wonder of  staying-in-the-flow.  

This lovely flower is the tulip and watching it work its magic is almost mystical.

The first time I noticed that tulips have this special quality, I was amazed at what I witnessed.  Unlike all other flowers... when they are cut and placed in a vase of water, tulips do not stop growing.  Their life force is so strong that they continue to lengthen and expand and, as they do, they form a lovely arc over the vase.

This beautiful tulip dance reminds me of the grace of surrender (trust in the perfection of the moment), of the beauty of bliss, of the sheer joy of being alive and  

B R E A T H I N G.

Nothing...not even the experience of being separated from its root...prevents this blossoming forth.  You will not see a freshly cut tulip sadly grieving the separation or losing its vitality because circumstances have rearranged its life.

This flower seems the physical incarnation  of  the beauty of a soul which trusts and embraces "what is", holds space for it and continues to radiate wonder.

                                                                                            Marie Helena


image from www.kathleenpequignot.com

Kathleen Pequignot Fne Art:  January 2005

Thursday, July 28, 2022

The Grace of an "Angel"

The best way to show that a stick is crooked is not to argue about it or to spend time denouncing it, but to lay a straight stick alongside it.

                                          D. L. Moody

I love this quote from Dwight Moody and I want to carry its wisdom to a new and beautiful dimension.  One of the most profound sources of inspiration we can experience in life is having someone show us THE WAY to what we desire.  Not with judgment, dissatisfaction or even evaluation of our efforts but rather with gentleness, calm and mastery and with no need to receive accolades or even be outwardly recognized.  

The spirit which moves the WAYshower has no need for applause. Instead, it loves to gently share what it has, fortunately, already learned.  Quietly, in a barely noticeable way, it provides what is still needed in our offering with sprezzatura (effortless elegance).  It carries the grace of an angel arriving on the scene, assessing the elements that are missing and then unobtrusively introducing them into the picture by “laying the straight stick”, reflecting back what we hoped for and imagined with all the missing parts now in place.

No words are needed by the “angel” to convey a message to us.  Just a gentle presentation in the perfect moment, a joining with us into the excitement of the enterprise and a soft and sweet contributing of the angel’s perception, illustrating by its very presence what needs to be noticed and assimilated.

Truly, we should keep watch for these angels among us.  They illuminate the role we can also play as WAYshowers, making something beautiful  out of every situation we encounter by infusing it with gentleness and grace.  “Laying a straight stick” can truly be a magnificent moment of LOVE.


                                            Marie Helena                                                                                                                                                  

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Identity Crisis

One of the important journeys we all eventually undertake is the challenge of trying to make sense of our lives.

We become very intrigued with this consideration, viewing ourselves as  the main character in OUR story…

wondering about who we are and what we are doing here.   About our many “adventures”…the choices we make and their consequences.  

We find ourselves deeply involved and fascinated with this main character.  

 It’s WHO we believe we are.

What’s so interesting about this approach is that we expend so much energy invested in understanding this soubrette but fail to recognize the role we are REALLY playing.  And it is not the main character in our story. 

We are something far more interesting and far more powerful.  We are the ENERGY that is ANIMATING the lead character.  And that energy is our Higher Self.

This changes things in a very important way.

As we play this main character in our story, we no longer need to feel alone with our confusion, our sadness or disappointment, our frustration or our suffering.  We are ONLY the “character” experiencing these things.  We have given ourselves the opportunity to experience life’s  challenges as this character.  And while we (as this character) take these challenges on, the beautiful animating energy that WE REALLY ARE is there to offer support end guidance in moments of grief or confusion or frustration. And it is also there to celebrate with us when we find our way back to the LOVE that sources the universe.

We are this stellar coach and cheering section, encouraging our “character” to grow and stretch beyond our usual boundaries, to expand our awareness and to make new connections for ourselves and other earth travelers. 

We exist on the leading edge of evolution.

Though our story may be intense and unpredictable, we are never in any danger.  

And we are never alone.


                                              Marie Helena

image from      SmallBusinessify.com

Thursday, July 21, 2022

Ichabod's Night Life

It was a windy night in Galway, Ireland. I was visiting my daughter Rachel who is on sabbatical there and I was sleeping in her guest bedroom. Rachel’s apartment house is located on a peninsula on Galway Bay. It sits literally in the middle of the harbor and, if you look outside of her window, you can see sailboats of all sizes lined up and moored to the docks.

On this particular evening I was awakened by the sound of someone apparently working on a boat in the middle of the night. There was a persistent clanging, actually two different clangings…and it felt like one was agitating the other. My daughter had told me earlier that she slept with earplugs because of the harbor noises, but I didn’t feel a little background sound would make a difference to me. I was wrong.

That night I tossed restlessly for hours, growing a strong frustration that vibrated every time I heard another sound. I could hardly believe that someone had decided to work on his boat at this hour. The logic was beyond me. I went to the window of the bedroom and parted the curtains. The boats were sitting in the water, magically illuminated by the mooring lights. The scene was breathtakingly beautiful…and there was no one to be seen working in the area. Confused, I looked further and discovered that the wind was willfully whipping the branches of a very tall tree against the night sky.

So, I thought…it’s the wind I have to deal with and decided I would try to use my consciousness to slow it down. (I had read on a couple of occasions that it is possible to move a cloud so I thought I would try changing the wind speed.) I was finally able to slow it down enough so that I could get some sleep but decided I needed a better plan as I am not yet practiced in the art of cloud/wind transport.

We checked the anticipated wind speed for the next night and, sure enough, a very windy evening was in the offing. I decided to see what resources I could call up because I did not want to go the ear plugs route.

Remembering a very important lesson I had learned from a book called Courageous Dreaming by Alberto Villoldo I decided that I had to change my story about the clanging. The first night it had represented a series of constant intrusions into my night of peaceful sleep. Now I decided to call up my imagination and create a new story. In this scenario the clanging actually was coming from a phantom sailor called Ichabod. I was asleep on the lower deck of a boat with several sailors. Every night the phantom Ichabod made an appearance on the top deck and proceeded to adjust the masts and moorings, clanging away as he worked. Everyone on the boat knew Ichabod and held a great affection for him. Ichabod’s appearance each evening signaled that all was right with the world…and with the clanging reminder of his presence, everyone slept soundly. Including me.

The next morning I ecstatically celebrated the beautiful way I had been able to “dream” myself into a peaceful place.

Telling myself a new story has become for me a new way to deal with the challenges that present themselves in my life. And it’s not always easy. And sometimes I forget to do it. But, oh, when I can remember this lesson and make it happen, I am overjoyed with the knowledge that I can change the way I perceive my reality. I was over the moon about Ichabod. Rachel, too. She has even adopted him as a guest in her harbor home.

In creating this story I followed Villoldo’s advice to create my story (or dream) by flying to the level of eagle which is spiritually based. I framed the sound as a peaceful resonance and that is what it became.

If you have a story in your life that is bringing you suffering, I invite and encourage you to call on your power to paint a picture that will soothe and comfort you, delighting your soul and bringing you the peace of Ichabod.

                                             Marie Helena

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Setting the Angel Free

When you express what you really are in life, only beauty can come out of you, only joy and respect and happiness.
                                           don Miguel Ruiz 

We have all experienced very special moments in our lives when the things we say and do are beautiful, inspired, affirming and encouraging to others.  Everything flows unerringly from our intuition… our sense of knowing...about what is important in life.  These are sacred shimmerings of grace when we affect others in a profound way with our love, caring and compassion.

THIS is Who We Truly Are.

But there are also moments when we say and do things that are not filled with love and generosity, when our pride or ego or fear orchestrates our thoughts, words and actions and negative emotions spill out of us like emotionally orphaned children who have not been loved and shown how wonderful they are.

And, like those orphaned children, in this space we do not reside fully in the safe and powerful place of knowing our true worth.  And so we are left with a broken image which we try to repair at times by pointing out to others what is wrong with them. thereby attempting to prove to ourselves that we are right.

We feel lost in the illusion that we are not OK.

But this behavior of ours which naturally produces discomfort and unrest is ONLY indicative of the trappings of earth school.  

This is not who we are.  It proceeds from the role oflimitation which we willingly embraced in  this dimension in order to learn how to transcend it, expanding the spiritual evolution of ourselves and all earth dwellers. 

We have the ability to go forth, learn to witness and reflect upon our choices and actions and change what does not bring us peace and soul satisfaction.  

We can learn to listen to our hearts for guidance and direction regarding our choice of how to live. 

We can turn away from our egoic efforts to prevail, our attempts to prove our worthiness and recognize, instead, that we are all journeying together, learning to find what makes us truly happy.  

And it is in that transcension, that stunning return to our spiritual heritage...when all of our actions are sourced in LOVE...that only beauty and joy and respect and happiness flow through us.

This is the glory of Who We Truly Are, the touchstone of the transcendent return to our spiritual field of dreams.

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free 

                                      Marie Helena
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Saturday, July 9, 2022

DANCING in the Rain

STORMS are mysterious things. 

They are grayand dark and  feel uncomfortable as if something is off kilter and is trying to right itself.  

They can make us feel apprehensive or fearful while we are waiting for them to pass. 

But even though storms can feel threatening to us,  they carry a beautiful message...crackling and  sparking, twisting and  turning in tumult and turbulence but eventually finding their way toclarity and ease.

And when they do, there is a glorious release on mother earth, the resonant rhythm of  RAIN.


So dance,  dance in the rain...the beautiful shower of  GRACE which illuminates your life, inevitably pointing you to the next highest path of your journey.   

But dance, dance also in and through the storm, too,for that storm is your readiness to acknowledge, confront, feel and release what you have previously placed aside.   

And this process...this journey...though challenging is BEAUTIFUL and sings your courage to leave the old, familiar, unconscious habits that have shortchanged your joy and brought you suffering...and move instead to embrace new paths that will bring you to freedomand peace.

All of LIFE is a dance. 
 Don't miss ONE  BAR of the beautiful music.

                                  Marie Helena 

The Night Blooming Jasmine in Your Heart 💗

image from marliina.blogspot.com
originally published September 21, 2012 

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Make Something Beautiful...


There are many profound philosophers in the world…thinkers of great thoughts, deep introspection, challenging suppositions...sharing their answers to life's great questions:  Why are we here?  How should we navigate this earthly journey?  What is truly significant?  

Many of these brilliant individuals have lived before us; some are with us now...all leaving us the treasure of their experience through their magnificent words, their art, their music.

Often we are inspired by the messages of these gifts…and, if they feel resonant to us, we choose to embrace what feels in concert with our souls.  

The lessons we learn instruct and guide us as we navigate our daily lives which are often replete with challenges and invitations to become more than we presently are.  The lessons often give us careful steps to follow regarding how to acknowledge, accept, embrace, experience and release the issues that are plaguing us, issues that may have followed us throughout our lives, painful remnants of days gone by, problems left unsolved and unsettled.

The serendipitous messages that flow from these artists and philosophers guide us through moments of chaos and cacophony, helping us come to resolution of difficult and embroiled issues.  This is a worthy goal.  A true achievement.  


As I formulate my own philosophy of guiding principles for my life and embrace the perceptions of the philosophers which sing to my soul, I feel a longing to do more...to take a step beyond achieving the "settling" of the issue at hand.   

I have come to imagine the delight of taking the resolution of a problem and Making Something Beautiful out of each puzzling Gordian knot, leaving my "Signature" in that moment as an artist would portray his original conception, embossing and inscribing each challenge with evidence of  Love and Beauty.  I aspire to transcending their boundaries, infusing them with a luminous outpouring of grace, imprinting each challenge which enters my life with beauty and light…and the glorious vibration of dazzling, radiant love. 💗

This kind of endeavor is a completely personal one as each of our lives carries its own stories and stumbling blocks.  Like the artist, it is we who can choose to Make Something Beautiful out of the raw material of our lives.

This is a supremely creative act and a deeply satisfying one.  It is immensely empowering for no matter what enters our lives, we have a canvas waiting for us to find the “Beautiful” as we uniquely envision it, solving an issue of great discord with an open heart and a beautiful grace that engages and animates our souls.

                                    Marie Helena




The Night Blooming Jasmine in Your Heart 💗

image from pinterest

watercolor of a gardenia

Saturday, July 2, 2022

TEAM Marie Helena


I am always looking for new and creative ways to navigate my life journey... and a few weeks ago I was guided to a podcast byMichael Ellis which held me mesmerized for an hour.  

Ellis was discussing the fascinating concept of assembling a Brain Trust, itself the brainchild of Napoleon Hill, considered to be one of the great writers of personal success literature.

One of Hill's hallmark expressions (which you have undoubtedly heard) is:
 "What the mind of man can conceive
   and believe, it can achieve."

In the podcast  Ellis describes with strong conviction 
the strength and power of forming a Spiritual Brain Trustin our imagination.  

The members of this brain trust would be assigned by us to give guidance and support in their particular area of expertise. 

Because the brain trust is an exercise in using our imagination  there are no boundaries or parameters other than those we construct for ourselves

 Ellis suggests we might want to recruit individuals who were famous for their talents and discoveries. 

 We could also bring in angels, spirit guides....whoever we wish to include in this special group of advisors and supporters. 

And, we could even go further and assign special tasks to the members of our brain trust, an idea that is especially appealing to me.

As soon as I heard this fantastic idea, I was ready to try it.  

The very next day I  felt the need for compassion during a difficult, upsetting moment and so I created a spiritual mentor for this.  It felt wonderful to call in a special coach who offered me her comfort and caring, strengthening me in the work of feeling and processing my emotions.  

Later, I recognized myself slipping into co-dependency during a conversation and I then created a new brain trust member assigned to help me recognize this default button whenever the old conditioning popped up. Just knowing I have guides  waiting to shower love and support and wisdom upon me gives me confidence and resiliency in dealing with life's challenges.

During the next week I experienced some intense fear from the actions of vehicles on the road and immediately called in five team members to help me sidestep the post traumatic stress that has occasionally lingered since my automobile accident.  Worked like a charm!  Five guides soothing and supporting me!

I have very quickly become  a HUGE supporter of setting up a Spiritual Brain Trust....and TEAM Marie Helenais growing all the time.

What a wonderful way to navigate the challenges of our day...accessing the resources, comfort and support of mentors  who are. of course, perfectly suited to help us meet our own personal needs (and why wouldn't they be as we created them for ourselves).

Ellis says that the mentors we envision in our brain trust are really elements of 
Our Higher Self.  How BEAUTIFUL is THAT!

I truly want to share the joy.  

Please consider using your imagination to set up your own personal brain trust.  Ask your mentors for assistance, consult with them...treat them as if they are real. 

They will become a source of power to you, an idealized version of who you perceive yourself to be.

image from pinterest.com
Angelic adoration. picasaweb.google.com