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Saturday, July 2, 2022

TEAM Marie Helena


I am always looking for new and creative ways to navigate my life journey... and a few weeks ago I was guided to a podcast byMichael Ellis which held me mesmerized for an hour.  

Ellis was discussing the fascinating concept of assembling a Brain Trust, itself the brainchild of Napoleon Hill, considered to be one of the great writers of personal success literature.

One of Hill's hallmark expressions (which you have undoubtedly heard) is:
 "What the mind of man can conceive
   and believe, it can achieve."

In the podcast  Ellis describes with strong conviction 
the strength and power of forming a Spiritual Brain Trustin our imagination.  

The members of this brain trust would be assigned by us to give guidance and support in their particular area of expertise. 

Because the brain trust is an exercise in using our imagination  there are no boundaries or parameters other than those we construct for ourselves

 Ellis suggests we might want to recruit individuals who were famous for their talents and discoveries. 

 We could also bring in angels, spirit guides....whoever we wish to include in this special group of advisors and supporters. 

And, we could even go further and assign special tasks to the members of our brain trust, an idea that is especially appealing to me.

As soon as I heard this fantastic idea, I was ready to try it.  

The very next day I  felt the need for compassion during a difficult, upsetting moment and so I created a spiritual mentor for this.  It felt wonderful to call in a special coach who offered me her comfort and caring, strengthening me in the work of feeling and processing my emotions.  

Later, I recognized myself slipping into co-dependency during a conversation and I then created a new brain trust member assigned to help me recognize this default button whenever the old conditioning popped up. Just knowing I have guides  waiting to shower love and support and wisdom upon me gives me confidence and resiliency in dealing with life's challenges.

During the next week I experienced some intense fear from the actions of vehicles on the road and immediately called in five team members to help me sidestep the post traumatic stress that has occasionally lingered since my automobile accident.  Worked like a charm!  Five guides soothing and supporting me!

I have very quickly become  a HUGE supporter of setting up a Spiritual Brain Trust....and TEAM Marie Helenais growing all the time.

What a wonderful way to navigate the challenges of our day...accessing the resources, comfort and support of mentors  who are. of course, perfectly suited to help us meet our own personal needs (and why wouldn't they be as we created them for ourselves).

Ellis says that the mentors we envision in our brain trust are really elements of 
Our Higher Self.  How BEAUTIFUL is THAT!

I truly want to share the joy.  

Please consider using your imagination to set up your own personal brain trust.  Ask your mentors for assistance, consult with them...treat them as if they are real. 

They will become a source of power to you, an idealized version of who you perceive yourself to be.

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Angelic adoration. picasaweb.google.com

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