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Sunday, July 24, 2022

Identity Crisis

One of the important journeys we all eventually undertake is the challenge of trying to make sense of our lives.

We become very intrigued with this consideration, viewing ourselves as  the main character in OUR story…

wondering about who we are and what we are doing here.   About our many “adventures”…the choices we make and their consequences.  

We find ourselves deeply involved and fascinated with this main character.  

 It’s WHO we believe we are.

What’s so interesting about this approach is that we expend so much energy invested in understanding this soubrette but fail to recognize the role we are REALLY playing.  And it is not the main character in our story. 

We are something far more interesting and far more powerful.  We are the ENERGY that is ANIMATING the lead character.  And that energy is our Higher Self.

This changes things in a very important way.

As we play this main character in our story, we no longer need to feel alone with our confusion, our sadness or disappointment, our frustration or our suffering.  We are ONLY the “character” experiencing these things.  We have given ourselves the opportunity to experience life’s  challenges as this character.  And while we (as this character) take these challenges on, the beautiful animating energy that WE REALLY ARE is there to offer support end guidance in moments of grief or confusion or frustration. And it is also there to celebrate with us when we find our way back to the LOVE that sources the universe.

We are this stellar coach and cheering section, encouraging our “character” to grow and stretch beyond our usual boundaries, to expand our awareness and to make new connections for ourselves and other earth travelers. 

We exist on the leading edge of evolution.

Though our story may be intense and unpredictable, we are never in any danger.  

And we are never alone.


                                              Marie Helena

image from      SmallBusinessify.com

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