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Sunday, July 31, 2022

The Very Special Grace of the Tulip

During the spring and summer months of the year I love to keep a tall, clear, glass vase of beautiful cut flowers on the counter in the kitchen. 

I pass by them frequently and they never fail to bring me joy.  There is, however, a particular flower that not only reveals to me its color and shape and exquisite design, it also impresses upon my heart the mystery and glory and the wonder of  staying-in-the-flow.  

This lovely flower is the tulip and watching it work its magic is almost mystical.

The first time I noticed that tulips have this special quality, I was amazed at what I witnessed.  Unlike all other flowers... when they are cut and placed in a vase of water, tulips do not stop growing.  Their life force is so strong that they continue to lengthen and expand and, as they do, they form a lovely arc over the vase.

This beautiful tulip dance reminds me of the grace of surrender (trust in the perfection of the moment), of the beauty of bliss, of the sheer joy of being alive and  

B R E A T H I N G.

Nothing...not even the experience of being separated from its root...prevents this blossoming forth.  You will not see a freshly cut tulip sadly grieving the separation or losing its vitality because circumstances have rearranged its life.

This flower seems the physical incarnation  of  the beauty of a soul which trusts and embraces "what is", holds space for it and continues to radiate wonder.

                                                                                            Marie Helena


image from www.kathleenpequignot.com

Kathleen Pequignot Fne Art:  January 2005

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