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Monday, March 5, 2018

Life Force Work

The energy for everything we choose to do comes to us from one central place, our LIFE FORCE, and this force is intricately connected to our soul station. The soul station is the Chief Operating Officer in charge of all of our decisions and actions and the LIFE FORCE is the fuel we need to carry out these missions.

In order for things on our personal planet to work well we need to have our soul station and especially its back-up system in good operating order. That means when things threaten to erode our life force, we need to pay attention and call in the needed repair system for this spiritual therapy.

Let's look at this on a purely practical level. If something occurs that causes a reaction in us (whether from a person or circumstance), it is a warning bell that we have some unhealed hurt that is making itself known. If we fail to address it by pushing it down, we might be able to squeeze it into a confined space for a finite amount of time, but the top of that metaphorical box will eventually come off from all of the frustrated energy inside and
we will have to deal by acknowledging and addressing our hurt or anger and/or by recognizing our body's message sent out to us through disturbing emotions or physical illness/disease.

How DO we engage the repair system when we are aware of an emotional or physical reaction?

We listen first to the body which does not lie.

We accept the body's message.

We speak our truth about how we are being affected and what we would like to do to release this issue. In this way, we go about clearing ourselves out. And, if we tell others what would help us instead of ordering them to do things our way, we create a very comfortable place for them to choose to support us. When it is their choice, people often feel at ease and are willing to make a commitment about giving this assistance.

Ignoring what is going on does no good. It merely delays the expression of the storm which, no doubt, will find a creative and equally or more powerfully frustrating way to manifest itself again.

And it is important to remember that this process needs to be a two way street. We speak our truth to keep our hearts free to fly (maintain our life force). We listen to others' truths so that they can join us.

Attention and follow-up to these signals WILL keep the life force strong and supple. What a great way to protect such a vital and important feature of the human operating system! We hold the sustenance of this awesome power in our hearts and hands.

Let's make this assignment a priority:
Life Force Work Order March 2018

                                                         Marie Helena

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