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Saturday, January 25, 2020

The Game Show

OK, so you just had a MELTDOWN It happens.  And it wasn’t pretty.  But your “old” feelings and default reactions got the best of you.  And, after all, you were triggered.

Ummm...let’s replay that.  Seems like you are perhaps “targeting” whoever is on the scene, proclaiming him or her as “the responsible party”.  But you know better, don’t you?  If you were not carrying any hot spots, you would have no mega-reaction to what somebody else says or does.  It would probably just seem interesting or strange or hard to understand.

But their remarks or actions didn’t feel so harmless because of some unhealed hurt you were carrying.  This is tough to go through.  You need help.  And, granted, it takes time and effort to heal this pain but on the way to this important transformation, you might be able to help yourself begin to shift your emotions and “see” things in a different light.  So here’s an exercise you can do with yourself. 

You’ve seen game shows with contestants who have varying views on a subject.  Visualize yourself as the third person on a panel of three contestants.  Each of the three contestants is asked to comment on the very issue that caused your meltdown. 

The first contestant talks about the explosive energy of the moment with a colorful, bombastic description but then shrugs the moment off, commenting that it’s always good for people to get that kind of energy moving out of their body.  Contestant number two states very clearly that she really doesn’t appreciate conflict but knows from her own experience how important it is to get issues out in the open so she is making an effort to roll with it.   Contestant number three is you...the meltdown...who  said things you wish you hadn’t and clearly made the other guy “the responsible party.” 

Right now, contestants number one and two are looking pretty good.  You, on the other hand...not so much.    Not to worry; we have a plan.

Next, in our game we bring in a Life Coach.  I like to use TV’s Mel Robbins who helps people take “small steps that lead to big breakthroughs”.  Since I watch Mel Robbins and already know what she will say, I become Mel’s voice talking to myself.  Mel Robbins is caring and empathic and reasonable and, as I listen to HER (really me) AND I recall the really insightful attitude of contestants number one and two, I begin to visualize myself looking at things through a different lens.

A small step... but it  points me in the right direction and introduces other more expansive views of the moment.  Plus it’s fun to deal with a sticky problem so creatively.  That puts you in charge of set design, script, casting and direction.  Ready on set.  In 4, 3, 2, 1

Look where your meltdown’s got you now!

                                                                                     Marie Helena

Image from Pinterest
How to Give Your Full Attention

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Lotus

If you can see yourself as an artist, and you can see your life as your own creation, then why not create the most beautiful story for yourself? 

don Miguel Ruiz

Take a quiet journey back in time and ponder the artist palette of your childhood.  In those moments you painted the picture of your life with bold, splashy colors and magical dreams.  Everything seemed possible, just awaiting your attention.  Even though the constraints of time have moved you into more grown up circumstances, the vibrancy and joy of your innocence still see so clearly the beautiful spirit you are.

Perhaps your image has been dusted with weariness or tarnished with unresolved pain.  But the child/spirit/artist in you knows your beauty and worth.

So bring that sense of adventure and vibrancy into your story.  Make something beautiful in your imagination.  Visualize the exquisite LOTUS, a symbol of rebirth and transformation which blooms perfectly pristine even from the murkiest of waters.

YOU are the radiant lotus emerging so brilliantly from the complications and adversity of the world.  

                                                                      Marie Helena

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.

                           Henry Ward Beecher

otus image from pinterest

Saturday, January 18, 2020


  • It was a late Thursday morning in December, cold and icy outdoors.  As I sat in the dentist chair anxiously waiting for the doctor to start her examination, in walked Oliver, a gorgeous, black and white seventy pound Bernese mountain dog who obviously owned the room.  He was clearly coming in to hold space with me and comfortably arranged himself on the floor alongside (actually touching) my chair.  

    What seemed so amazing to me about this scenario was my immediate response to it.  It felt like Oliver had been prepped on my story and had come in to simply BE with me.  And it felt so good.  It felt better than that.  It felt wonderful.  Right away.  No introduction needed.

    This lovingly eccentric dentist was sharing her adored Bernese mountain dog and he was sharing his caring and compassion which were so palpable no words were needed.

    It was Comforting, surprisingly so.  And, in that moment, I wanted every dentist to have an Oliver.

    There is so much to appreciate here the delightful and generous life view of the dentist, the magical connection between her and Oliver, the compassionate aura and ambiance that travelled with Oliver and inhabited every square inch of his mountain dog persona.

    According to Wikipedia, Bernese mountain dogs have temperaments that are 
    intelligent, affectionate, loyal and faithful.  A great description of Oliver...a natural fit for his special assignment.

    As dog owners will most certainly tell you, dogs are man’s best friend, a fact supported by science writer Sedeer el-Showk who believes that humans and dogs have evolved together, co-opting “one another's social attachment systems to create a powerful interspecies bonding mechanism.” 

    But beyond this apparent scientific evolution, there seems to be an even greater spiritual element at its foundation Ultimately, the significance of my delightful encounter at the dentist’s office and the glory of the adorable Oliver is this...the presence of Compassion so profound it literally summons perception, response and appreciation and the accompanying sense of unconditional caring.

    As we move through our daily tasks and challenges may we all embrace the opportunity to give and receive the metaphorical Compassion of an Oliver in our lives.

                                                                        Marie Helena

    Image of a Bernese mountain dog from Pinterest

Sunday, January 5, 2020

A New Dimension

“I don’t do anything unless I’m inspired.”

            Fenna Diephuis

Visions of sugarplums, dainty silver bells and silvery fairy dust danced through my bewildered mind one wintry afternoon not long ago when my friend Fenna made this comment to me.  What a wonderful world it would be to live like this, I breathlessly imagined. 

Then, after my initial reaction of Alice tumbling down the rabbit hole, I tried to seriously visualize myself living in this radically magical way Fenna had described.  My first and very logical reaction was No Way.

Too many things to take care of. 
Too big of a To Do list.  And the inevitable sense of disappointment in myself if I didn’t finish my self appointed tasks of everyday life. Lots of real work needs to be taken care of whether I am in the mood or not.

But, despite my left brain, lawyer- like rationalization, I found myself clearly enchanted with the dreamy possibility of living life in this glorious fashion.  If everything I chose to do felt like I was living out a spontaneous wish, I would, of course, truly enjoy doing it, I reasoned.  What a wonderful way to experience my life.  But how to access this intriguing state of Inspiration and to take up residence there...those were the questions I pondered.

I asked myself what beautiful ambiance, what mystical setting gives birth to inspiration?  Or, to put it in more colloquial terms, what actually goes on in this mysterious and magical “hood”?

Seems like there has to be some dancing...real (for dancing always raises our vibration) or metaphorical (a dancing spirit).  

And, borrowing from the name of a critically acclaimed movie, the Incredible Lightness of Being must be present.  There has to be a connection with the Universe, a trusting that we are cared for and guided.  That we need only let go of “trying” and let ourselves receive.  That we choose to move through life openly and gracefully in this state of anticipation and appreciation before these gifts are even delivered to us.

And, most certainly, there must be curiosity about this incredible quantum world in which we find ourselves.  And a sense of wonderment about what we have still to learn.  How all of life’s creations interact with each other.  And how we are all a part of this continuing network and dialogue of caring and cooperation.

With this dancing spirit, curiosity and wonderment and an incredible lightness of being, how could we not be inspired to enjoy and appreciate and to want to learn more about this magical playground of our lives?  And, as we move in the spirit of love, we draw more love to ourselves.  The wondrous law of vibrational attraction, yet another fascinating gift of the Universe in which we live.
Is that fairy dust falling ever so gracefully in my heart as I contemplate the Joy of inhabiting this new dimension of possibility?

                                                       Marie Helena

image from Pinterest Watercolor Fantasy and Fairy art by Sarah Pauline

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Santa and the Phone Booth

The Divine Universe is always sending us beautiful messages and often through the most amazing avenues. This Christmas I received an exquisite gift. I did not realize how truly extraordinary it was until a few days after I opened it.  It was a facsimile of Santa Claus standing in an elegant phone booth (which, in itself, is an interesting concept). However, the breathtaking thing about this gift is that when turned on, the phone booth immediately flooded with  infinitesimal, dazzling gold lights which circulated unendingly  throughout the booth.

A couple of days after Christmas I placed this curious Santa on the top ledge of a high bookshelf built into the wall where it overlooked several other beautiful lights arranged on the shelves below:  alabaster fir tree candles, a three dimensional figure of a yoga with a lotus flower adorning it and several small battery operated candles in lovely shades of pale blue and green. The  effect of the luminescent ballet was stunning but my eyes were constantly drawn  to the top shelf where Santa in his phone booth continued to shimmer and glisten in Aurelian splendor.

After a while I realized something extraordinary about this gift.  Santa, of course,  is a symbol of generosity and love.  And the glistening lights in the phone booth were clearly there, I realized, on special assignment.  They were drawing my constant attention in masquerade, a celestial reminder of my Higher Self, I realized, always there connected to my heart, available for  consultation and guidance.  Whether I can see her or not, my Higher Self  is clearly shining brightly through every moment of my day.  
There have been some  challenging  moments for me this holiday season and now, for Christmas, I have found myself being given the gift of remembrance of what is already waiting for me
EVERY time I have looked up at Santa in the phone booth I have seen it
glisten and sparkle.  There is no question in my heart that I might be left in difficult moments without heavenly resource and support.

I am wondering...Is there something glistening on your metaphorical bookshelf or perhaps tucked away in a subtle corner of your life  that can help you also remember the   energy that is circulating so vibrantly, ready to envelop your life with the wisdom and beauty of love.

What a lovely reminder I have been given with this gift:  MY Higher Self is always present, energized, sparkling… ready to share its glorious energy of love.

Take a moment and check in to the beauty and wonder of the season.  Perhaps you, too,  have been a messenger this Christmas of an important message or even a recipient of a very special delivery just for you.

                                                                                 Marie Helena

phone booth image from clipart-library.com
Santa image from pinterest