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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Embrace the Waves

It's a lovely, warm day and you are gently immersed in the beautiful blue waters of the ocean.

As  you undulate with the WAVES you are constantly surprised at their energy...
sometimes soothing...
sometimes playful...
sometimes strong and challenging.

No matter what the watery excursion presents you with...always...always the waves offer you support
through your sojourn and ultimately they transport you and bring you back with loving kindness to the warmth of the beautiful sandy shore...refreshed and renewed...and ready for your next adventure.

This is the story of our earth journey.  The spiritual story.  And it's one we do not always remember.

Gary Zukav has a beautiful  and inspiring comment about life:

 "You cannot and will not, encounter a circumstance, or a single moment,  
   that does not serve directly and immediately the need of your soul to 

Every wave we encounter...from the simplest, most  gentle motion to the wild and turbulent surges and swells...every wave comes into our life to show us something
...to teach us a lesson we are missing...a lesson that we need to master for the purpose of becoming what Neale Donald Walsch calls The Next, Grandest Version of Ourselves.

Consider for a moment the beauty of that thought.

When we trust that the Divine Universe cares for us unconditionally and is leading us into whatever cutting edge experience we are ready for...there is no reason for fear.
All that we have to do is embrace the experience of the wave and look for the lesson.  Doing this can be quite an adventure.  It can actually be quite delightful and most certainly is very empowering.

In this way we can see that everything...EVERYTHING...is working  FOR us. 

It can take some dedication and creativity sometimes to uncover the lesson...the healing
...but what an expedition and what amazing and life changing transformations are available to us as we navigate this Divine invitation to awaken our spiritual selves.

There is always the warm, sandy beach awaiting us as we appreciate the courageous work of each new lesson we master and prepare ourselves for the next amazing discovery.

Metaphorically speaking...it's ALWAYS summer....and the waves are ALWAYS waiting!

                                                                            Marie Helena

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Aikido: Dancing with the Universe

Morihei Ueshiba (植芝 盛平, December 14, 1883 – April 26, 1969) was a famous martial artist and founder of the Japanese martial art of aikido.

Aikido is the way of love and harmony.  Its philosophy is that It is better to defuse a tense situation and to avoid combat than to enter combat and win.

The amazing, intuitive art of Aikido has many spiritual applications.   

Dancing with an oncoming energy...blending with it...is a most beautiful and powerful path to achieving peace and resolution. 

As Eri Azawa says, "Someone aligned with the will of the Universe/God has no weaknesses."

Whatever enters your life...any difficulty, pain or distress... know that it is a force for your upliftment.  Recognize its beauty...its unfolding grace...and embrace the Gift 

Azawa says:

Relax completely.  Relax vibrantly, such that you are filled with energy but yet have no tense muscles.

Have a relaxed yet alert attitude and mind and a relaxed yet alert body.

Relaxation allows energy to flow freely through the body.  If you relax vibrantly, you are automatically refilled with energy.

Move WITH and WITHIN the energy; do not try to control the energy.
This focus makes a person invincible.

True spirituality is the way of  LOVE.  Let love lead you through your difficulties.  Meet them with joy and confidence and this effort will break you out of difficult holds. 

According to Azawa, the formula is profoundly simple...

Unify mind and body. Mind sets the tone; the body responds.  Energy links all the parts together.  Unify spirituality with all aspects of your life as a cohesive, unified whole:  mind, body, actions, thoughts.  Together they can do amazing things.

We have been given all that we need to navigate what life presents to us.
The path is clear.  

Embrace the darkness when it appears 

and you will find the Light.
Dance with the Universe!

                                                                                                           Marie Helena

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Bird with the Loudest (and Softest) Song

I listened to the BIRD with the loudest song as dawn was breaking today. 

It was telling all the other birds to wake up. 

 It did not call out as it thought it was the boss; it called out from  the feeling that all should be rejoicing with the beginning of a new day. 

Its sole purpose was to wake all the other birds as it had a message to share.  Because the message was shared from a feeling...it touched the hearts of all the other birds and not a single bird ignored the call.

                    Lexie Henderson

Can you imagine a world in which every message we hear (like the song of the bird) is shared from a deep feeling of the heart...a world in which every message represents a profound and awesome truth about how someone has been affected by life, what someone has discovered, perhaps, or how they have become elated, bliss-ful and filled with joy?

Wouldn't those messages be ones we would not want to miss...because they are so powerful and authentic and real...so truth-telling and so instructive?

Undoubtedly, there would be something in the sound or sense of the message that would compel our attention, our engagement, our happiness-sharing, our joy.

These messages would help us understand our world and the persons who inhabit it.  They would help us understand ourselves and how we connect with others through the Divine Matrix.

The "birds" with the loudest songs sing the most powerfully because they have worked through something important in their lives.  They have had an epiphany and they are joyfully trumpeting their message.

But what about the "birds"  (please read people) who have not finished their processing?  

 Most of us fall into that category at some time in our lives.   

These birds are a work-in-progress.  Their "songs" are not the loudest, nor the most powerful. Rather they are a reaching out to others for understanding, for support, for affirmation, for compassion...and, most importantly, for connection.

But we cannot connect if we do not hear their songs.

Perhaps our role in life is to celebrate the "loudest" bird songs which reveal the joyful moments of someone's connection


to  listen ever more closely to the softest, tenderest, weakest songs being trilled by birds whose wings need our support, attention and love.

                                                                                  Marie Helena
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Monday, April 17, 2017


Crazy Horse dreamed and went into the world where there is nothing but the spirits of all things. That is the real world that is behind this one, and everything we see here is something like a shadow from that one.

~ Black Elk ~

In the dream of Crazy Horse the major players are the Spirits.   They dominate the scene, connecting and collaborating with warmth and passion, expressing themselves in rich, vibrant conversation.  
Love so clearly rules here, interlacing every encounter with resplendent interest and compassion and appreciation.  There is beautiful listening and heartfelt concern. And there is a sense of lightheartedness and joy.

I see these radiant beings inhabiting the terrain of our lives.  They are the backdrop, the guidance, the inspiration for our adventures.  Always present, always ready to support, always wishing us well.  Watching, witnessing and waiting.  Though not visible to the eye, their vibration is unmistakable, inspiring us to join their formation by infusing our experiences with our own special loving radiance. 

Though we are shadow figures in the dream, we need only move into the Light of Love to take our rightful place in the celestial cavalcade. That is how close we are to Home...merely walking through the earth dream we imagined for ourselves, already possessing a shared divinity waiting to be remembered.

What if the dream of Crazy Horse were the lens through which we viewed our lives?  What if we could discern our Guiding Spirits walking, laughing, dancing among us?  Would that make it easier to join their party?  Would that help us see with new eyes and a clarity of vision that we are all residing...or in the process of returning...to the Love that rocks the universe?

                                                                                          Marie Helena

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Me and My "Shadow"

The plaintiff lyrics of the wistful  ballad, "Me and My Shadow", describe the loneliness of being "all alone and feeIin' blue".  It's a beautiful song, with a melodious refrain, but it's the stereotyped version of the shadow.

The Divine Universe has something else in mind..

The SHADOW which the Divine Universe provides us with is none other than our own HIGHER SELF and there is nothing sad or lonely about this companion. 

Our HIGHER SELF embodies unconditional love, mastery, brilliance, compassion, sensitivity, power.  The list goes on.  

This significance of this "shadow"  is the fact that HIGHER SELF is ALWAYS with us.  We can choose not to be aware, to fail to connect with this power...to go alone on our own path, but support and assistance and wisdom ARE within our reach in this glorious, yes..luminous, "shadow" which we all possess.

HIGHER SELF reveals itself to us on so many occasions...IF we are listening.

Recently, I did some reading on the concept of  Surrender...something which has intrigued me greatly and, in this moment, I WAS listening carefully.   Up until that point I had thought that the guidance to Surrender (which I had read in many different places) meant stop trying to solve the problem.   But now I saw a new interpretation of Surrender...and it was Surrendering to the experience itself (and not just to the issue of discovering the solution).

Shortly after this I found myself unable to find my way through a difficulty of some magnitude.  I decided to try "Surrendering to the experience itself" and was astounded to discover that no sooner had I taken that step, the wisdom of many insights began to enter into my consciousness.  

I had acknowledged the challenge facing me and accepted it (surrendered to it) with amazing results. 

Which leads me to the questions:   

Is it our earthwork to realize that in this illusion we call LIFE it is our job to "see" we are not alone and open the door to guidance from HIGHER SELF?  

Is  the door closed until WE open it by acknowledging the power and wisdom we already possess and which is housed in our HIGHER SELF?

Later I had still another experience of HIGHER SELF support. 

At this time I found myself affected by a comment which triggered an emotional memory of pain.  I chose at that point to be completely aware of my body's reaction and to stay in that place of great mindfulness until my body became calm so that my hippocampus could have the time and opportunity to reframe the experience of pain. 

Here again I found my "Shadow", HIGHER SELF, stepping in to help me see that the pain I had been experiencing was only the result of the earth journey I was on (with its accompanying lessons to be learned).  

The truth is that I am (as are you) ALREADY perfect as embodied in HIGHER SELF. 

It is only in this experience (life) that we take on the veil of forgetfulness  that we are ALREADY perfect... ALREADY whole...luminous and loving....and courageous enough to take on our earthly journey to learn lessons within this dimension.

And, as real and as intense as they may feel, our experiences here are ONLY the illusions of our earth journey.

What magnificent wisdom is possessed in that glorious entity, our heavenly "Shadow"...what brilliant insights...what support and affirmation...what reassurance and peace!

Know that this most wonderful Shadow is unconditionally following your life...with curiosity and delight and unquestioning support.

You are NOT alone.. 

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Stage of Our Soul's Making

My sister remarked to me the other day that I was so fortunate in having GUIDANCE...from the Divine Universe.  And she meant...to help me get through the moments in life which feel so difficult and heavy.   Like when you're wearing  the lead apron you get when you're having an X-Ray at the dentist's office, only this one is full-body and there are three or four of them stacked up on you.  I'm sure you know what I mean...the times when you feel blindsided and without the resources to "get up offa that thing" as James Brown sings it.


My sister and l talk about this Guidance a lot and we both KNOW that EVERYONE has it from all kinds of sources, BUT many are not aware it is there moving through our thoughts and inspirations and circulating all around us, offering loving support, grace and direction.  This seems to be a well-kept secret and it shouldn't be for it is the BEST NEWS out there. 


All it takes is having the INTENTION to receive and opening your heart channel which will alert you when these beautiful messages are coming in.  And they come in from the strangest places...an email message, a random comment, the lyrics of a song, a new thought that seems to spring from nowhere, a horn honking outside exactly when you are contemplating taking action.  It's a glorious, on going celebration of the Ultimate Help Desk...your Divine CONNECTION to the Love that rocks the Universe.

This morning I got one of these wonderful messages and it has showed up before for me as a soft whisper but today it is drum-rolling itself so I won't miss it.  And here it is:

When life feels H E A V Y and it seems so difficult to get through it, make the simple switch from Living the "HEAVY" to Watching Yourself do the "DANCE".  In this moment, consciously be Who You Truly Are...and that is your Soul.  Ranjna Sharma, coach, trainer and Soul Guide from Delhi, India, says "It is not the Soul that is Living in the Body... it is the Body that is living in the Soul."  It is your SOUL who is the executive spiritual administrator of the show you are living.


Can you see the drama of your life through the Soul's Vision?  Can you see that YOU are playing the scene your soul has written?  This life which seems SO vibrant, SO real and, sometimes, SO very difficult is the product of your soul's intention to experience, grow and learn.  So while you live the "play" your soul has created, do not fail to appreciate your skill and art and complete immersion in the "production" for the YOU of today is a GLORIOUS present expression of your soul's longing to "DANCE" in the Universe. 


It's a magnificent expansion, a blossoming of Life itself.


THAT is what all of this heaviness is about...the opportunity to step up and step into our soul script and bring in our exquisite creativity to choose how it all plays out,


We are not alone on this Stage of Our Soul's Making.  We have the Guidance of Love in its many forms and the joy (and appreciation) of  Observing Ourselves  address the many adventures of life in this dimension.

                                                                                  Marie Helena

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Sunday, April 2, 2017

Line Dancing

Have you ever been line dancing? 

It's really fun to move with the other dancers filling the floor...tapping, turning and swaying to the beat of country music.  There's something so smooth and satisfying about it.

The ultra cool line dance performed flawlessly by a group of enthusiastic individuals creates a beautiful energy and spirit that are impossible to resist.

It feels just wonderful to align with the group energy.  The movement seems natural and fun.  Everything seems right with the world.

There's a special  kind of secret to the magic of the line dance.  It has to do with surrendering to the music and dancing not only TO but also WITH it.

Which brings me to my metaphor.  (If you've been reading my blog, you know I always have one.)

There's another kind of line dance we can do and it's a very powerful experience. 

In this dance we ALIGN with the music (read energy) of the Divine Universe...accepting, embracing and even CELEBRATING what it is showing us.

This dance may not be something we expect or even desire...but it IS the dance which will bring the greatest fulfillment to our heart.

The Divine Universe selects the music and we choose to align ourselves with its melody...surrendering our expectations and welcoming the beautiful guidance that arrives in our lives in the form of invitations, possibilities and challenges.

Surrendering to the Divine Universe opens vistas and opportunities we have not even IMAGINED for ourselves.  

We emerge from the dance floor ASTOUNDED at what we have learned. It is the ultimate and signature Line Dance.  We are lining up with our Creator.

The mysterious and incredible Divine Universe is just waiting for us to move WITH its music.

Everyone on the dance floor!

                                                                                  Marie Helena

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