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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Release

Our beautiful Spirit Selves hold the psychic anatomy of the lessons of many lifetimes.  

Some of these lessons we have already embraced and assimilated; 

others have not yet been completed...

and the holding of these uncompleted...these powerful and challenging energies...is a daunting task.

While we carry them, OUR DEFAULT REACTIONS (unconscious impulse to fear, anger and other limiting emotions) present themselves in our lives as a survival mechanism indicating...

we have not yet acquired the spiritual "tools" to deal with the lessons that we have chosen to learn 

and are still dancing with the presentation of those issues through the difficult and painful experiences of our life.

However, when we are ready to bring our desire and commitment to evolve spiritually through conscious choice into our practice,
we can communicate a powerful request that will clear the way for our peace.

I call this conscious choice
The Release.  

And we begin the process of Release by ACKNOWLEDGING our limiting reaction (an emotional impulse such as anger, frustration, resentment,  fear, anxiety... or a physical symptom such as a headache, pain or stress).  

We also ACKNOWLEDGE that this "expression" exists because our subconscious has been protecting us from confronting the catalyst or issue we have not been ready to deal with.

Now, however, in our CONSCIOUS effort to grow spiritually

we can choose to

thank it, 
bless it,

and then

RELEASE it with the beautiful, parting  message that we no  longer need the "protection" but instead are choosing to act from "PURE LOVE".

And when we act from PURE LOVE, we are ALWAYS generous, compassionate, supportive and  understanding of ourselves and others for that is how LOVE operates and LOVE will ALWAYS lead us to this place of peace.


As we grow in our spirituality and are ready to ascend to The Next Grandest Version of Ourselves, we can choose to RELEASE the burdens our emotions and bodies are carrying and move more directly into the Path of Pure Love.

In your earthly  adventures...as you choose to ascend into the beautiful perfection of WHO YOU REALLY ARE, may  your journey be filled with lightness, love and joy and the very special blessing of RELEASE!


image from greenermagazine.com         

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