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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Portrait of the Human Spirit

The probable cause of addiction:  not knowing how to love the self.

                     Louise Hay

Have  you ever paused to gaze into an ethereal pond  tucked away among swaying grasses and cattails and noticed its peacefulness and stillness and the incredible object d'arte it displays to passers-by?

I am speaking of the beautiful reflection it offers...

a pure and stunning portrait painted as these teardrops of the universe  gather their energy to magnify, enhance and affirm the subject of their loving reflection.

This incredible perspective and breathtaking beauty is possible because of the water's ability to FOCUS and ILLUMINATE...

and these wondrous skills can be a powerful inspiration to us as we move closer to 

an expansion and unfolding of THE NEXT, GRANDEST VERSION OF OURSELVES.

So what am I suggesting that we focus on and illuminate?
The simple act of loving ourselves.


If everything we did during the day was an expression of that one, focused action...what would this scene look like?

I think it would be a portrait of a peaceful, centered person who was not distracted by the "noises" of the world around her but rather listened with total awareness and confidence to the messages of her own heart and honored them with reverence and appreciation.

This is someone who would be mindful of everything she did.  

She would choose food and drink that nourished her body.

She would stay active, moving in ways that felt comfortable and invigorating to her.  

She would choose actions/activities that filled her with joy and satisfaction. 

She would be very aware of and monitor her resources of energy and would rest and replenish herself as needed no matter what items remained unfinished on her to-do list.

She would welcome, experience and express her feelings, speaking her truth with gentleness, ease and conviction.

She would grace her home with beautiful things that reflected her interests and delights.

She would be someone who is responsible for her own happiness and regardless of what may be going on around her, she would look to herself for guidance and direction.

She would have learned how to focus on unconditionally loving herself...perhaps the biggest task we earth dwellers must complete and  one which gifts us with the resources we need to navigate our journey with strength and confidence.


And THAT portrait... of unconditional love for herself and all that this implies...

like the beautiful pond reflecting the beauty of nature.

reflects the beauty of the human spirit 

and is its own MASTERPIECE...offering grace and inspiration to everyone who encounters it.

image from musivation.com.     

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