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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Streaming Live

Technology today is so awesome.  Many of the programs we want to watch, events we want to witness are available from the Internet STREAMING  LIVE.

We make a simple request, power up and voila! they appear for our viewing pleasure.  All of this is impressive testimony to the gurus who have built and developed the amazing technology we have available today.

But streaming live online is not the only show in town.  There is something even faster, more powerful, and more awesome and that is our spiritual CONNECTION!  But we have become so entranced with the techno-wonders surrounding us everywhere we turn that we have not readily noticed nor appreciated the spiritual technology we embody ourselves.

Here is an example of how I experienced this magic.  

Many spiritual writers encourage us to open ourselves to the present moment so that we can see what we have previously not noticed about our life.  Today, I felt a strong impulse to call on Archangel Michael, my protector.

Several years ago during a personal session with a psychic I was told that Michael was standing behind me.  What an incredible moment that was for me!  Ever since then I have felt a strong connection to him.  Because I was feeling somewhat sad and anxious this morning  I asked Michael to walk through my day with me.  

It has become a common practice for me to intentionally connect with my spiritual guides, especially Archangel Gabriel who co-creates with me when I am writing.   But today seemed like a special day to be with Archangel Michael.

Michael did not need to hear that invitation twice. 

Within a few moments of my request, I began to receive loving, life-giving, intuitive thoughts that would not normally have occurred to me or ones that had occurred to me before but that I did not have the commitment to follow. Now Michael introduced fresh, sparkling considerations into my consciousness and he infused those earlier reflections of mine that could not get traction with a new and different energy.  I was amazed to see that the landscapes coming in were shape shifting my framing of things. They were small steps in most cases with each one leading to a more relaxed, more loving, more positive inclination within me, moving me with confident guidance into a keen and lucid awareness of the present moment and of the potential of my actions within it to change my day.

I was amazed at how brilliantly and immediately all of this occurred.  I watched myself transform into a positive version of myself.  I could feel Archangel Michael's love and guidance helping me release the sadness and anxiety I had fallen into and helping me envision the beautiful shifts which were transforming my life. 

Watching over me. Protecting me. Loving me.  Streaming live.

I am not sure why we so often try to handle everything ourselves. This places a very heavy burden upon us when all we need do is leave the heavy lifting to the glorious Source who loves us so deeply and, instead, give ourselves permission to be inspired by the grace that is waiting to move into our lives.

That is all it takes to change the direction of our day…the stunning awareness of the beautiful design of our spiritual nature.

                                                                            Marie Helena

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3 Subtle Energy Healing Modalities

Sunday, November 26, 2017

A Special Holiday Invitation

The Bookman
of Grand Haven, Michigan



Author Marie Helena
Thursday, December 7, 2017
7:00 p.m.

The Night Blooming Jasmine in Your Heart 💗

Like the exquisite NIGHT BLOOMING JASMINE, we have the opportunity to reveal our best selves in moments of darkness inscribing each challenge with incredible light and the glorious vibration of dazzling, radiant love, making something BEAUTIFUL out of the core material of our lives.
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“Simple yet profound, Marie’s words speak directly to the heart and soul.”

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The Bookman
715 Washington Ave.
Grand Haven, Michigan 49417

*Please note:  For planning purposes, please let know if you will be attending. Thank you!
                           Marie      (mysticmarks@sbcglobal.net)

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Christmas Open House...and Christmas Elves

Thursday, November 23, 2017

On the Way to the Light

There is a vase of flowers sitting on my desk.  Baby white carnations.  In a very tall, (actually, too tall) glass vase with a square opening. The interesting thing about the arrangement is that most of the flowers peek out the top a few inches and a few of the flowers, the shorter ones, are actually under the water.

The carnations crowning the vase are expressing their joy and enthusiasm, coexisting together, sharing their “home”, brushing one another’s petals…making the bouquet even more radiant.. They look like love expressing itself.

The carnations under the water level seem to be nourished by the liquid around them which is clear and translucent and seems to be holding some mysterious message. It’s as if they are exactly where they need to be and are getting just what is required for them at this moment in time. Their stems touch the bottom of the vase just as do the taller ones…each flower is grounded, regardless of its placement.

I can’t help but feel there is a lesson here.

On our way to the top of the vase where we shine in all of our glory…we may well need to stop and be nourished by the water of others’ kindness. We may need to be open to receiving the care often given to us with such love and compassion.  

I think sometimes we don’t recognize that we need to be immersed in the water or even that someone is providing it for us…but it is life-giving and sopowerful…a step  on the way to the Light.

Perhaps, like the flowers, we need to pause in our day, experience our thirst, let ourselves be satiated and recognize who is sustaining us with this beautiful gift. 

                                     Marie Helena

originally published November 6, 2010

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Missing Piece

I started reading Eckhart Tolle, author of the The Power of Now, several years ago and was very intrigued with his concept of ACCEPTING THE PRESENT MOMENT.

This seemed to me to be a difficult but powerful practice.

And I tried it. Many times.I got so far as to let myself feel the whispers of the breeze, the sun shining on my face, the children playing and laughing behind me, the scent of the blooming flowers.

Yes, everything felt fine for me in the present moment. As long as I was happy.

But, when the moments came when all was not well…when I was upset or hurt or angry... I could not do it. I could not feel the acceptance.

It seemed to me that I was being asked to pretend that what I felt wasn’t really there. And no way could I do that. So my progress with the process hit a wall.

Until the last few days.

In his book Tolle talks about the pain body, the pain we carry from our past. I believe that any pain we have not released is because our Spirit has been protecting us from feeling something too oppressive and burdensome for us and when the pain does come up and make itself known, it is because we have learned the tools and the resources we need to deal with this gift.

According to this theory, then, my store of resources and tools had enough in it to invite the pain body to make itself known. And it did. . And it did not “go gently into that good night”.

It shook my world and took me over. I began having
mega-reactions to things I thought I had gotten “under control”. (There’s a good cosmic joke there, I think.)

When things get really bad and the watchwords of the day are turmoil and tumult, it seems we are often ready to look a little further for some help.

At this point I remembered that Tolle had talked about the pain body. So I brought out my copy of the abbreviated and more-easy-to-understand Practicing the Power of Now and began to read again about how to deal with it.

There it was…the same great guidance as before. Accept what is…what you are feeling…what the other person is doing and feeling…but there was still something missing for me... and I had to find the missing piece.

And that missing piece was the answer to the question of WHY…Why is it so important to not go with the feeling of hurt or anger? Why shouldn’t I let myself feel what I obviously feel? Oh yes, my ever active mind wanted something to wrap my brain around that made sense of it for me.

And then I was blessed with the realization of something I already knew but which had been fluttering in the background…the fact that we are all on different paths…and in our own “time and space zones” about how those paths unfold.

I knew that ALL paths are to be honored. And it now made sense to me that the intermingling of these paths and the resulting messiness of the intermingling are inevitable and, not only that, but also the fact that this process is an essential and inherent part of the equation.

We are here to do our work and to support the work of others.
Now, armed with this realization, I took a look at the equation and here is what I got.

If something occurs that has affected us in a negative way, we should pause and give ourselves over to a knowingness of that fact. Not a judgment…but an awareness of what is going on. Including what we are feeling and experiencing…the fact that we are hurt or agitated or angry and the fact that the other person is doing what he is doing which is…acting perfectly in accord with the drama of his life.

According to Tolle, if we hold that knowingness as a quiet space surrounding the feeling of our agitation, the holding of that knowingness will transmute the non-peace we feel into peace.

The reason I was now willing to hold the knowingness of what I felt rather than react to it is because of my remembering of the need we all have to unfold, manifest and, yes, intermingle our paths,,,with the resulting beauty, joy and sometimes conflict and chaos that this process produces.

Now I was excited to try this new approach. And I have…several times. And it’s working.

It takes time to reorient myself and choose to do this rather than act from the default button. But the results have been wonderful. There is a distinct feeling of release and peace.
I’m just a newbie at this process. But it feels so promising. And helpful. And I will keep practicing it and feeling grateful to have found my missing piece and have so much JOY added to my life.

                                                                     Marie Helena

Friday, November 10, 2017

Let It Begin with Me

 A truly peaceful mind is very sensitive, 
very aware.

Tenzin Gyatso

Have you ever noticed that some individuals are especially conscious of the beauty they see around them?  To be in their presence is to experience the continual expression of JOY and WONDER.  They are curious, mindful souls, awake to the innocent and guileless nobility of nature...bountiful, brilliant, fragrant blossoms, the astoundingly intricate navigation of the hummingbird, the metaphor of majestic thunderheads presaging a clearing of deep emotions, the merriment and mirth of the monarch butterfly dancing its delight with the celestial scenery.  Gifts of the universe presenting us with a playground of unparalleled splendor!

And it is not only nature that sings to these perceptive creatures.  They easily discern every gesture of love and good will of being expressed to and around them.  And, having recognized these gifts-of-the-heart, they cannot help but laud their elegance and grace and the engagement of the souls which are sourcing them.

Conversely, when these glorious individuals encounter dissonance and distress, they immediately open their hearts, ministering to the unhealed pain that is being manifested.  They are patient and receptive while the troubling emotions are expressed, releasing their iron grip upon the chambers of the heart.

These sages see beauty in and through everyone's journey, however it is being expressed.

This is the gift of Peace… a recognition that all is right with the world and with everyone in it. A recognition that each of us is following a path of our own choosing, a journey we have willingly embarked upon for the purpose of gaining experience, insight and wisdom through life in this glorious, precarious dimension.

When we fully comprehend the nature of our earth school sojourn, every action and reaction we feel or witness, every emotion we or others express, every event we experience becomes a thing of beauty… The story of the odyssey of our souls.
Though it is often difficult to ascertain the significance of what is unfolding in, around and through our lives, there is concord and serenity in the recognition that each of us has the opportunity to create experiences that enhance our wisdom.  And each of us can choose how we want to respond to our own "adventures".

The beautiful gift of Peace comes from awareness and understanding of the nature of our journey.  Once we fully recognize this fascinating opportunity we have chosen to experience, we cannot help but acknowledge with great sensitivity and appreciation the evidence of every grace-filled moment.

How lovely to imagine a world of "peace"ful earth dwellers!

                                                                                   Marie Helena                                                                                                                                               

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.*


 *song by Jill Jackson Miller and Sy Miller
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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Elegance in Action: The Do Over

Have you ever felt regret about the way you have handled something
and later found your way and wished you could recapture the moment and relive it? Have you ever felt it was too late to make things better?

Do not lose heart over this small misstep for there is a distinct and clear path of recovery and reconciliation....but it requires courage and character - the DO OVER.

Visualize the tension felt by you and another when awkward or uncomfortable comments somehow slip into the conversation. Both of you are unsettled and uneasy. You both feel stuck in the emotional mire. However, things do not have to remain this way.

If your companion is agreeable, what a wonderful thing it would be for you to REDO the moment…to (re)tread lightly and with grace over the highway of ill considered words and actions...to leave footprints of love over the mismanaged issue...to choose a Higher way of acting and put right what has been left in frustration and distress.

The gentle nudging of a door...a respectful and reverent entrance…an honoring of the guest within...a window thrust confidently open to let in the beautiful air of caring and concern.

And an inspiration... to everyone watching.

That's you...asking for the opportunity to bring light to the issue at hand...that's you looking at the big picture and, in particular, the other person's position...that's you DOing things OVER with beauty and grace.

                                                                                          Marie Helena

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Tea by Special Invitation Only

We design our lives by making conscious choices. 
If we do not purposefully choose the direction in which we wish to go, the body will react to whatever emotions we are experiencing. 

And,  if those emotions are fear-based or anxiety-ridden, that is what the body will express.

We CAN, however, bypass this avenue of default by choosing to keep our bodies in a state of bliss.  If we engage in something that is truly joyful to us and we sustain that state of being, the body will do its healing work, undeterred by emotional obstacles.

And to help us stay continually in that beautiful place of bliss we can allow

Higher Self to take over the Heavy LiftingWe do not need to know or understand what is needed for our greatest good.  All that we have to do is express that intention with the knowingness that the Divine Universe will guide us to the most perfect way to achieve our goal.

If we find ourselves experiencing the lower energies of fear, anger, judgment or self-doubt, we can respond by acknowledging their presence, thanking  them for visiting and informing them that  they will NOT be having tea with us today
so they either have to transform themselves to a higher vibration or leave the premises.

Remember, this is our territory and WE get to decide which vibrations visit and which get to stay.

We need to do whatever it takes to place and keep ourselves in the   
listen to enchanting music, 
read beautiful words,
drink in nature's glorious offerings

...do whatever produces this bliss for us 
and we will present our body with the perfect state for healing and rejuvenation.

What a Beautiful Opportunity to direct our energy flow for the purpose of achieving radiant health.

                                                                                  Marie Helena

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