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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Streaming Live

Technology today is so awesome.  Many of the programs we want to watch, events we want to witness are available from the Internet STREAMING  LIVE.

We make a simple request, power up and voila! they appear for our viewing pleasure.  All of this is impressive testimony to the gurus who have built and developed the amazing technology we have available today.

But streaming live online is not the only show in town.  There is something even faster, more powerful, and more awesome and that is our spiritual CONNECTION!  But we have become so entranced with the techno-wonders surrounding us everywhere we turn that we have not readily noticed nor appreciated the spiritual technology we embody ourselves.

Here is an example of how I experienced this magic.  

Many spiritual writers encourage us to open ourselves to the present moment so that we can see what we have previously not noticed about our life.  Today, I felt a strong impulse to call on Archangel Michael, my protector.

Several years ago during a personal session with a psychic I was told that Michael was standing behind me.  What an incredible moment that was for me!  Ever since then I have felt a strong connection to him.  Because I was feeling somewhat sad and anxious this morning  I asked Michael to walk through my day with me.  

It has become a common practice for me to intentionally connect with my spiritual guides, especially Archangel Gabriel who co-creates with me when I am writing.   But today seemed like a special day to be with Archangel Michael.

Michael did not need to hear that invitation twice. 

Within a few moments of my request, I began to receive loving, life-giving, intuitive thoughts that would not normally have occurred to me or ones that had occurred to me before but that I did not have the commitment to follow. Now Michael introduced fresh, sparkling considerations into my consciousness and he infused those earlier reflections of mine that could not get traction with a new and different energy.  I was amazed to see that the landscapes coming in were shape shifting my framing of things. They were small steps in most cases with each one leading to a more relaxed, more loving, more positive inclination within me, moving me with confident guidance into a keen and lucid awareness of the present moment and of the potential of my actions within it to change my day.

I was amazed at how brilliantly and immediately all of this occurred.  I watched myself transform into a positive version of myself.  I could feel Archangel Michael's love and guidance helping me release the sadness and anxiety I had fallen into and helping me envision the beautiful shifts which were transforming my life. 

Watching over me. Protecting me. Loving me.  Streaming live.

I am not sure why we so often try to handle everything ourselves. This places a very heavy burden upon us when all we need do is leave the heavy lifting to the glorious Source who loves us so deeply and, instead, give ourselves permission to be inspired by the grace that is waiting to move into our lives.

That is all it takes to change the direction of our day…the stunning awareness of the beautiful design of our spiritual nature.

                                                                            Marie Helena

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3 Subtle Energy Healing Modalities

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