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Tuesday, December 5, 2017


I am a lonely petunia in an onion patch...as the song goes..
.when it comes to the subject of SPORTS

In fact, I am the ONLY one in the family who does not understand even the rudimentary dynamics of football, baseball and basketball. 

And even though I do not understand what all the excitement is about, I clearly see that there is a lot of enthusiasm and energy and enjoyment of these endeavors. 

In an attempt to catapult myself (even an inch or two) into the "in" group I try to listen for catchwords and phrases used by the sports afficianados.  

Recently, I was captivated by hearing family members use the term "SWISH" to describe an amazing adventure of twelve year old Dylan.  His mother said the experience was probably going to be one of the five most exciting of his life.  Well, that certainly got my attention.  I tuned in to see what the hullabaloo was all about.

Turns out Dylan was out on the basketball court tossing the ball around with his friends after a high-school basketball game.  The boys were not alone. 

Since the game had just ended, basketball players, their families and coaches were all gathered around.  Dylan tossed the ball from the side of the court behind the three point line and made a SWISH which I have come to understand is a very cool move.  It means the basketball passes through the basket without hitting the hoop or backboard.  Definitely worthy of note.

After this feat, Dylan got the ball again for another try, this time moving to the other side of the court (still behind the three point line)...taking aim...and lo and behold...another SWISH.  At this point, even the grown-ups were beginning to notice and Dylan took a third shot.  You guessed it...SWISH!

Now the coaches were becoming curious about the excitement going on and they watched Dylan continue to move around the court making THREE more SWISHES.  That's a total of SIX SWISHES all behind the three point line and even a completely uneducated sports spectator like me knows this was a really big deal.

Now comes the part that truly  delights me. 

All along, Dylan has been poised for success.  His dad has coached his team several times with loving wisdom and patience.  His big brother is an accomplished athlete.  His mother is the most devoted fan imaginable.  And, beyond  even this, Dylan's adventures with basketball have centered around being in FLOW.

Now THIS concept I understand...and I am truly captivated by it.  This is what I experience when I write.  And it serves me well.   And it apparently serves Dylan well.  And it is even serving his brother Colin well with his inspiring golf scores this spring.

When something works this well, I want to experiment with it...capture  all of the magic I can.  The other night I awoke with the word SWISH echoing in my mind.  There was a good feeling attached to this...a lightness, a feeling of celebration.  Before long I understood why.

My subconscious was attempting to borrow the concept of the SWISH to reward myself when I took on a difficult challenge. 

For example, when I want to choose "the road less traveled" (also called the HIGH ROAD) when I experience an emotional trigger and it feels VERY difficult to do so... I can classify the follow through of that courageous action by me as a SWISH in the emotional journal of my life,

Wow!  I can hear the crowd roaring at my fabulous  play.  What skill!  What beautiful moves! What tenacity!  Well..., maybe it's just me giving myself the high five for really "stepping up".

At any rate, using my imagination to inspire and motivate me to become "the next, grandest version of myself" works a-ma-zing-ly well.

Are you an imaginary basketball star-in-the-making?  Is there a SWISH or two or ten in your future? 

Just think of the awesome artistry used to seamlessly navigate that ball (your troublesome issue) through the basket (your interpersonal relationships) because you have the stamina, wisdom and grace to enter into FLOW (acceptance and honoring of what life is presenting to you).

Sounds great to me and I'm all in. 

Looks like I'm on the court with the rest of the basketball  players...only just not in the same dimension.   : )

                                                                                         Marie Helena
image from gograph.com

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