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Friday, June 30, 2017

The Mystery of Your Next "Opening Night"

It is always a great adventure to attend the opening of a new show on Broadway.  By the time we arrive for the evening's performance we have undoubtedly already heard a great deal of advance publicity about the event to take place.  We know the story of the play and may even know the basic plot lines.  We certainly know who is starring in the play. And so, looking forward to this particular experience, we enter the theater and take our seats with great excitement and expectation regarding what we are about to behold.

And it's delightful and fun...relaxing and entertaining...to experience the show.  It's exactly what we were looking for.  (How cool is that!)  All we have to do is buy a ticket and find our way to the special seat reserved for us.

Simple, easy, delightful and, most importantly, PREDICTABLE...and, therefore, a ride-the-high experience of fun and relaxation.  One we occasionally get to enjoy. 

But our attendance at earth school also includes additional experiences which are more COMPLEX adventures...productions where we have no idea what is about to unfold (even though we think we do), productions where we do not know the plot or the story and where we may not even know WHO will be co-starring with us in the production.

These complex adventures are called daily life and they are billowing with unexpected turns and twists, surprises, difficulties and, often, challenges that test our mettle and require that we are centered, grounded and creative in our processing of them and in the integration into our lives of the lessons they carry.

The secret to navigating these kinds of adventures is to hold NO EXPECTATION about how they will unfold other than the certainty that the Divine Universe senses our strength and readiness to move forward and learn yet another of life’s challenging lessons when the moment is right.

And here is exactly where daily life orchestrated by the Divine Universe is more fascinating, more complex, more creative than the best Broadway show for our "lessons" must be discerned through the literal occurrences that are happening to and around us.  Tucked into those daily interactions are metaphors, the seeds and promptings of the next lesson awaiting us in our personal evolution.  But we must search for their meaning.  We must recognize and explore the metaphor...follow it to its symbolic conclusion.  And, if we are diligent and committed, we will clearly be able to see the guidance we are being given.

But this moment of discovery only happens when we are READY.  When we want to step up to the Next, Grandest Version of Ourselves.  And when we trust that the Divine Universe is always there for us.  Loving us… Affirming us… Leading us into a deeper realization of our Divine Nature.

Our greatest adventures occur in our daily life when we enter them with no expectation of what will transpire.  (And, fortunately, then, we experience no disappointment or dismay that our "expectations" did not occur.)  Instead, we choose to approach them with a completely open heart...willingly watchful for new life lessons...asking ourselves, "What are you here to teach me?"  We observe the process of life unfolding  FOR us and, in that unfolding, we discover the lessons we require to move forward in our desire for spiritual fulfillment.

Adventure, excitement, mayhem, mystery...all leading us ultimately to our soul mastery!  Watch for the clues.  Stay tuned for your next "Opening Night"!   

                                                                                             Marie Helena

image from info@pdxfilmfest.com


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Blow Open the Door

Navigating earth life can be a very challenging proposition. 

There's lots to be aware of physically, mentally, emotionally...and...keep in balance if we are to sustain our health and well-being.

Now imagine that on some level we choose to add another layer of concern and  "self-appointed" responsibility to our list of things to manage...


and THE PAIN OF SUFFERING when they don't land in that "satisfying-to-us" space.  

I am speaking of co-dependency...an emotional state which seems indigenous to earth dwellers because it is so widely experienced by us.

CODEPENDENCY layers our life with emotional and corresponding physical fatigue because the work of  keeping everyone happy is NOT OUR JOB but we have somehow missed that message and are trying to  squeeze 96 hours of effort (a conservative estimate) into 24!

No  wonder we are so exhausted and beside ourselves. 

No wonder we can be so easily  agitated and stressed.  

We are fettered...we have chained OUR happiness to the impossible-to-control happiness of others and when they are not OK, we are not OK, either.

It all comes down to needing someone else to give us their stamp of approval.  

We want everyone to "get" us...

to understand us...

to see it our way.  

But we don't NEED them to do this (even though it feels like it) because WE can make that assessment for OURSELVES.  

We don't need a team of consultants, a task force, a VIP to endorse the way we are because WE are the VIP and we have somehow failed to recognize this.

Did we miss our job description?  Did we miss the fine print?  

Not to worry...because that's what earth life is all about...

And, when we do remember, it is GLO RI OUS...
it is FREE ING...it is let-out-of-jail BEA U TI FUL!

We have a masterful assignment in just taking care of us and the fact is everybody has that assignment...so let's not mess with the plan.

We can all co-exist taking care of ourselves...speaking OUR truth... and also listening to OTHERS' truth.  

And it is OK if we don't see things the same way...it is actually interesting and exciting as long as we know that we have the right and responsibility and the innate know-how to make our own decisions AND change them whenever we've learned a new way to do things and want to give it a try. 

We do not need other people's endorsements and they don't need ours.

Let's Blow Open the Door we've been stuck behind  and let a fresh, authentic vibration power its way into our lives...

the awareness and  satisfaction of knowing WE are in charge of our happiness and our own decisions.

                                                                          Marie Helena

image from realsolutions4life.com.      

Monday, June 19, 2017

from Dawn Light Press

The Night Blooming Jasmine in Your Heart 💗
      ~how to flow your energy into a mindful
         embrace of the beautiful gifts of the

Marie Helena is an international spiritual blogger whose Mystic Marks Blog is read in over one hundred countries. She has been a college professor, a coordinator of peer and professional tutoring and of peer counseling, a freelance writer, and a copywriter at an ad agency. Marie has studied spirituality for over twenty years, with special emphasis on energy medicine, Essene Healing, Hakomi, the LifeLine Technique, and past life regression.

The Night Blooming Jasmine is an exquisitely designed messenger with a lovely secret to share. It inspires us to align ourselves with the still, calm wisdom of the Universe, opening our hearts to nature's beautiful instruction and inspiration.

Marie Helena’s mystically themed offerings, with lovely illustrations by various artists, encourage us to become even more glorious versions of ourselves. Join Ichabod the SailorIrish Taxi Drivers, and the fluttering Wings of assorted characters you already know for a moment of conscious contemplation.

Are you ready for the journey?

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Night Blooming Jasmine in Your Heart

I have some very exciting news to share.

I have been approached by an editor/publisher from California who has fallen in love with my blogs and offered to have my work published by her company, Lillicat Publishers. After her beautiful invitation, we began an ongoing conversation and started working together a few months ago and now Lillicat is publishing a Mystic Marks series.

Book 1 (containing twenty of my blogs) is now available as an ebook and will be out as a paperback very soon. It is entitled 
The Night Blooming Jasmine in Your Heart
                        Marie Helena

Friday, June 9, 2017


Whenever we realize that we have made a misstep, reacting to someone or something in a way that is negative or critical…
it is so easy to REPLAY OUR MISTAKE over and over in our minds, heaping blame on ourselves and sending ourselves messages about how poorly we have behaved.

And by doing this we have found the perfect way how NOT to make things better because the more we focus on (obsess over) our mistakes, the more we attract more negativity into our lives.

In Personal Power through Awareness Sanaya Roman says:  It is important to learn forgiveness, because every time you REPLAY a negative memory, making yourself wrong, you are CREATING IT AGAIN in the future. 

In moments of crisis A NEW SELF is often born, a baby self, one that has just come into being with the crisis.  Like a small child it may not have the skills to handle things perfectly or beautifully, and yet that self is growing every moment.

It is NOT a gift to this new being if you go back and send it images of its wrongness. 

One of the skills we may have already developed in our life is how to be a good nurturer.  We may already be able to beautifully support and guide our family and friends in their time of need.  Now…what is essential…is to give that compassion to ourselves.

Once again…we are, in effect, REINVENTING OURSELVES.  Life is a series of reinventions and the time of recognizing, accepting and blessing our missteps is a perfect opportunity to use this process for our spiritual growth.

Sanaya Roman says we never do anything that is not in some way an attempt to bring more LIGHT into our lives

Therefore, we can bless the circumstances that have produced the new self that has been born.  Bless and thank them…and then nurture this new, more loving, more luminous self which is being introduced into your life.

the wonder of your humanity…
this amazing opportunity in earth school…
your openness to learning…
the beautiful work of your Higher Self who has directed you to this Epiphany!

                                                                              Marie Helena

Flower image from preciouswomenproject.wordpress.com

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Down the Rabbit Hole: The Mayor, Betsy and a White Dove

One morning Alice was feeling especially tired because she had eaten too many sweet peas the previous night and had stayed up late frolicking with the caterpillars who insisted on dancing "The Locomotion" in never ending circles around the garden.  As she made her way through the village commons, she noticed several other rabbit hole creatures looking weary and out-of-sorts; some were even complaining crabbily about the butterflies winging good naturedly over their heads.

Oh, this is going to be a loooong and very tiresome day, Alice thought, feeling the vibes of disgruntlement all around her.

Soon after, Alice noticed that a new visitor to the rabbit hole had entered the square...a pretty brown mole wearing a blue and white checked apron with the name Betsy embroidered on it and a smile that could melt the coldest heart.  Immediately, a low level buzzing could be heard as all the creatures wondered to each other who this surprising stranger could be.  

Just then the rabbit hole's mayor, an officious looking, giant rooster, burst on the scene.  His burly chest huffed and puffed with a feeling of FRENZY, so much so that the air around him began to turn cloudy and thick.  It was clear that the mayor (who was often found to be greatly agitated) was in a dither of the highest intensity about some transaction that had just occurred and he sputtered and mumbled continually, barely pausing to take a breath.

All the creatures witnessing this scene began to back away from the rambling rooster, hoping to avoid being drawn into a conversation with him.  When nearly everyone had backed away from the mayor, Alice suddenly noticed that Betsy, the new visitor, had stepped forward and was advancing toward the disconsolate figure.  Alice took a deep breath and hoped that this would not cause even more drama in the moment.

From the vantage point where she stood, Alice could only see a partial view of what was happening.  She could tell that the mayor was distraught from the way his shoulders shook but all she could see of Betsy was the calm silhouette of her back and her head which was nodding gently every so often.  

Then, after a few moments, Alice suddenly saw a bustle of energy move in the air.  She drew in closer to the scene to see what was happening and could not fathom what could have possessed  Betsy to make such a dangerous move. Betsy was HUGGING the mayor!  

And, after a few, very long seconds, HE WAS HUGGING HER BACK!

Alice was not the only person shocked at this turn of events.  Everyone ALWAYS avoided getting too close to the mayor and had learned to step wayyyyyy  back when he entered the scene.  This default behavior of everyone had existed to protect them from the mayor's unpredictable and erratic blasts of emotion.  Betsy was BREAKING the unspoken Rule!   What was going to happen now, everyone wondered and hoped that Betsy would be OK.

Betsy and the Mayor stood hugging for a REALLY long time. Watching the scene, Alice felt that, as strange as it might sound, maybe the mayor had NEVER been hugged before...at least, not the way Betsy was hugging him as if the hug had welled up from deep within her very heart.

All of the creatures in the rabbit hole had obviously been mesmerized by Betsy's show of courage and began to murmur among themselves.  Now the mayor and Betsy moved over to a nearby log and sat themselves down and everyone could see that his freshly starched shirt was wet with tears.  From her vantage point Alice could see the mayor smiling at Betsy and wiping his flooding eyes with a handsome linen handkerchief.

Instead of the frenzied posture he always carried, the mayor now seemed calm and even approachable.  Something about him seemed inviting, though no one could explain why that was so.  Unable to help themselves, the creatures crept closer to the mayor and found themselves smiling at him.  Soon, he noticed this and began smiling back at them.  What had produced this transformation, everyone wondered.  Why, it seemed a miracle had occurred!

Nearly all of the creatures were now circling the mayor, their hearts mysteriously opened at this unexpected show of vulnerability.  Betsy moved slowly away from the mayor and found herself approached by a gentle, white dove who drew in close to where she stood.  "It's always beautiful...every time," he whispered to her.

No one but Alice saw the two talking.  Alice smiled to herself.  Obviously, 
a great secret had just been shared.  Alice did not know what the secret was, but she could see the luminous results of what had just occurred.

That night Alice went to sleep with a special prayer of gratitude on her lips.  Maybe the rabbit hole is where all of the wonderful things in life happen, she thought.


                                                                    Marie Helena


mage from hellaheaven-ana.blogspot.com