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Thursday, July 28, 2022

The Grace of an "Angel"

The best way to show that a stick is crooked is not to argue about it or to spend time denouncing it, but to lay a straight stick alongside it.

                                          D. L. Moody

I love this quote from Dwight Moody and I want to carry its wisdom to a new and beautiful dimension.  One of the most profound sources of inspiration we can experience in life is having someone show us THE WAY to what we desire.  Not with judgment, dissatisfaction or even evaluation of our efforts but rather with gentleness, calm and mastery and with no need to receive accolades or even be outwardly recognized.  

The spirit which moves the WAYshower has no need for applause. Instead, it loves to gently share what it has, fortunately, already learned.  Quietly, in a barely noticeable way, it provides what is still needed in our offering with sprezzatura (effortless elegance).  It carries the grace of an angel arriving on the scene, assessing the elements that are missing and then unobtrusively introducing them into the picture by “laying the straight stick”, reflecting back what we hoped for and imagined with all the missing parts now in place.

No words are needed by the “angel” to convey a message to us.  Just a gentle presentation in the perfect moment, a joining with us into the excitement of the enterprise and a soft and sweet contributing of the angel’s perception, illustrating by its very presence what needs to be noticed and assimilated.

Truly, we should keep watch for these angels among us.  They illuminate the role we can also play as WAYshowers, making something beautiful  out of every situation we encounter by infusing it with gentleness and grace.  “Laying a straight stick” can truly be a magnificent moment of LOVE.


                                            Marie Helena                                                                                                                                                  

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