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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Raise Your Vibration

I asked for help this morning with a very difficult and very important question and several thoughts came flooding in (as they always do). Kudos to my spiritual advisors who stand ready to respond to my requests at all times.

The issue for me here is how do we achieve the state of high vibration. We know that being in that beautiful state is critical to our health and well-being…to our happiness in life…to our ability to navigate life’s challenges. But the question is: when we are suffering or in distress, how do we get there?

Here’s what came in:

Always begin with boatloads of Love and Compassion. (If you have been reading my blog you may recall the dream I had of Galway harbor being completely filled with boats all carrying the same cargo: Love and Compassion. The feeling of the dream was: Love and Compassion are ALL that are needed…for everything. And please begin with giving that Love and Compassion to yourself for you are navigating your own life journey which is filled with the lessons you have chosen to learn. Fill yourself with love and compassion first and then it will be easy to let this overflow onto others.)

Express gratitude for the many blessings in your life. Count those blessings one by one…compile a list and don’t forget to include the obvious things like your warm bed, food to eat, the sun shining down on you, etc.

Recognize that physical issues and emotional upsets are messages from your subconscious of some pain or hurt you are holding. Intentionally release the pattern of behavior that is causing the suffering, without even knowing what it is or why it is there. (Louise Hay’s You Can Heal Your Life will give you many wonderful suggestions on this idea.)

Accept your feelings whatever they are and let yourself express them for they release what you are holding in your body.

Surrender. Release your problems. Stop trying to figure them out. Have the clear and conscious intention for what you want and then leave the playing field and do something that relaxes you and brings you joy. Let the Divine Universe take care of the details for you.

Trust that you are loved and cared for to the deepest fiber of your being.

Bless your journey. Bless your difficulties and challenges for they are the path to achieving your soul’s intentions.

As I bring my conscious intention to practicing these suggestions in my own experience, it is my joy and pleasure to share these thoughts with you, send you Light and Love and bless you on the most challenging and difficult journeys of YOUR life.


  1. This blog needs to be printed out and read every day by all who want to kick the "poor me" habit.

    We'll need to learn to use all the steps, but the effort would be worth it. It is truly amazing how much we can actually affect our own lives, if we make the conscious choices listed above!