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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Master Gardener

Although it’s December and some places in the world are covered with snow, there is a secret for all of us deep in Mother Earth and in her devoted and trusting disciple.

No gardener is ever going to go out into a garden and say "Give me some vegetables and then maybe I'll water you."  That's not the way manifestation occurs.  What you do is you go out and you tend to the vegetables and you water them and then...the harvest comes.
                                                               Gay Hendricks

The Master Gardener is an absolute joy to behold. 

He holds a relationship of trust and gratitude with the earth. 

He lovingly prepares the soil, feeds it nutrients and designs the space for his garden, carefully allowing each plant the room it requires to grow and access the sun. 

He waters his plants as needed with gentleness, honoring and caring. 

As green shoots begin to break the earth in the first steps of their journey, the master gardener celebrates them, carefully removing stray grasses that may impede their progress.

When harvest time arrives, the master gardener is filled with pleasure and gratitude, knowing  that his loving care will be rewarded as his plants produce for him whatever his DNA requires for the fullness of his health. 

The Master Gardener holds many lessons for us regarding our efforts at Manifestation.


Tend to the "garden" of our desire with trust and gratitude...

Prepare the "soil" of our environment with the energy of welcome and

Give our soil the "nutrients" of love and compassion for ourselves...

Open ourselves to the "sunshine" and "watering" of affirmation and 
      encouragement from others...

Honor the guiding voice of our Higher Self...


Remove the "stray grasses" of our limiting beliefs as we recognize their
     residence within us.

When we give conscious and loving attention to the things we wish to manifest and we prepare ourselves to receive them with grace and gratitude, we align ourselves with the Divine Universe in realizing the perfect expression of our desire.

image from broadwaymarket.org.       

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