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Saturday, November 20, 2021

The Author of Our Stories


Everything in your story is constantly changing, including the story that you tell yourself about who you are. 

                                                don Miguel Ruiz 

The bedtime stories we tell our children are so appealing to them because they resonate with their hearts. There is adventure in them...challengevictory.  By the end of the story ultimately, peace prevails...and joy...two things we all long for.  

Little children sleep so peacefully after hearing a loving narration such as this because The Divine Universe is leading us back to the realization that we truly are Pure Love and that our essence is bright, bold, beautiful, expansive.  The guardians of our lives… parents and parent figures...are meant to live the role of gentle reminders to us of our awesome nature.

As we grow and mature, we take over the role of the parental figure as storyteller to ourselves. 
 But, sometimes, we forget the truth of what we felt so strongly as children..the joy  of our  invincibility.  We  forget Who We Truly Are.  And, often, our stories begin to show evidence of disappointment and self judgment because the world tries to inflict its own values upon us and, in trying to satisfy others, we override the innate clarity we possessed as children in knowing so clearly what "music" made our hearts sing.

And, so, we are sometimes left with stories mirroring the expectation of others and the pain of our compliance
 because we do not recognize our worthiness, our endowment in the Grand Experiment to return to Who We Truly Are.

Don Miguel Ruiz reminds us that the stories we tell ourselves...the stories we, therefore, live...are constantly evolving, reflecting the changing image we hold of ourselves.  If we subject ourselves to the burden of meeting others' expectations, that is what our stories...and lives...will reflect.  And they may well hold unconscious anger and deep resentment.   Conversely, if we are open to the many clues The Divine Universe provides us with and we honor its guidancewe come to clearly see that true happiness does not result from following the perceptions and value systems of others but rather from  listening to the guidance of OUR OWN HEARTS.  And, when we do, we experience a deep sense that all is right with the world and, that is, because all is right in our own hearts.   

We are meant to be the authors of our stories.  The acceptance of this wisdom transforms our stories with the alchemy of love, returning them to the beauty and joy and simplicity of our childhood innocence and wisdom when we possessed the clarity of knowing what felt right for us andthe boldness and courage to bring it into our lives.

Can you clearly see the stories you tell yourself? 
 And, can you recognize that these stories proceed from the beliefs you hold, regardless of where you got them?

If your beliefs are not bringing you peace and joy, perhaps they are not truly resonant with Who You Truly Are.  Can you consider finding a story that brings you to this beautiful place? And, are you willing to see if that new story truly fills the longing of your heart?

                                                                                                Marie Helena

image from glogster.com

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