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Monday, November 5, 2012

The Courage of Authenticity

 Being authentic should probably be one of the easiest things we have to do.  

You know...just be ourselves. 

 And yet, it's not.

In fact, it's actually rare to find a truly authentic person because we are all so strongly influenced by our desire

 to be accepted
 to "not rock the boat"', 
 to please people who are important to us,

 to take the "easy way out".


Being authentic takes courage.

It takes a belief in ourselves as the truest source for the choices we make in life.  

It takes the assurance and confidence to know that WE have the right to steer our own ship AND the responsibility.

This is not easy stuff to do.   It's way easier to adopt others' ways of looking at things.  And it feels safer.

No.  Earth school is not an easy ride.

We have to grow into ourselves...learn how to listen to our heart and make those messages our guiding principles.


IF we pass on this important part of our job description, there is a PRICE TAG.

It's a GNAWING FEELING down deep inside us that we sold ourselves out because of our fear...our fear that we are not good enough all by ourselves...our fear that we need to
attach ourselves to a bandwagon and ride it through the parade of life.


And our bodies (who truly know better and would be a faithful guide IF we would let them)  react and rebel in the face of this betrayal. 

They know how peaceful and loving we would feel if we were true to ourselves and so they find countless ways of reminding us that we are off center and not being a true reflection of who we really are.


That is the considerable price tag for not being authentic. 

BUT we can call forth our courage at any time, 
mobilize our energy 
step into our true selves

and, thereby,  experience the Joy of having our heart messages on full display to the world through our thoughts, words and actions.

image from talentanarchy.com. 

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