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Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Magical Playground

Though it often masquerades as a series of difficult challenges,

all Life is made up of Pure Consciousness…

and this beautiful, majestic, mysterious resource is our PLAYGROUND and it is WE who decide how to experience it.

We do this by the stories we choose to write for ourselves.  And there is a never ending supply to choose from because WE keep creating whatever we wish to believe about ourselves.

And, by this process, we cast OURSELVES in the role of our choosing though it FEELS like someone else did this to us...especially, if we are unhappy in the role...or feel victimized.  

We FORGET that we are Spiritual Beings having a human experience... that we are already perfect...already PURE LOVE

We FORGET that we have chosen to experience life in earth school and that we can PLAY with pure consciousness and create whatever story will help us on our journey.


If fear or anxiety is casting gloom in our life...if we are mired in depression or hopelessness,  

we can use Alberto Villoldo's suggestion in his book COURAGEOUS DREAMING to fly to the level of eagle and write A NEW STORY for ourselves...

one in which we are the Spiritual Hero who sees the soul view of what is happening, swings HIGH and chooses to act from PURE LOVE, our heavenly heritage.


It's easy to forget that we have this wondrous ability, especially because we accepted the veil of forgetfulness as a condition of our experience in earth school. 

 But ALL of this is ours for the asking.  We are the architects of our journey and we choose how this journey will transpire.

Never lose sight of the magical playground of pure consciousness.   Choose the best and brightest version of yourself. Live your dreams with passion and pleasure!

image from alisonkolesar.blogspot.com

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