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Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Unburdened Heart

Our lives are so  beautifully guided by Divine Intelligence. 

The Universe operates on the principle of flow.  

There is an intuitive unfolding that is always occurring everywhere we look and when we honor and embrace it,  Life is much easier for us to navigate.

This  graceful evolution is also at work when we need to make a difficult decision or choose a course of action.  

It reveals its wisdom to us and presents us with the most powerful and wisest path when we:

Embrace our feelings and emotions

Speak our truth in the best way we know how

Listen to others' truth and aspire to understand it

Hold the intention to act from Pure Love

Trust that the most beautiful and perfect choice will find its way into our


Once we discern the importance of BEING our true, authentic self and HONORING that impulse in others,  Life becomes a JOYFUL exercise, led by the grace of an unburdened heart.

Image is from Sundrip.com
Image used with permission. 
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