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Friday, March 1, 2013

Soft Eyes

When we go shopping for new attire, we often take a few moments to step into the dressing room to view ourselves in the clothes we are considering buying 

We place our potential purchases on our body and study the image we create in the full-length (and often three-quarters mirror).

In the bright and unforgiving fluorescent light we can see a real life reflection of ourselves ...perhaps telling us MORE than we even want to know.

But if we choose to gaze into the mirror with SOFT EYES, we can see ourselves with compassion and appreciation.  This makes the whole process easier to experience.

And those soft eyes of ours are directly connected to an open, flowing, graceful heart...one of the most precious possessions we can have...and we can cultivate this in our lives with conscious intention and committed practice.

During our most difficult days in earth school the beautiful grace of having
"soft eyes" can help us see beyond what appears to be a harsh, difficult encounter through to the tenderness and vulnerability of suffering or fear.  

Whether we turn our "soft eyes" in our own direction extending ourselves compassion and understanding or direct them at the images and actions of others...we are invariably led to a gentleness and wisdom that BLESSES the moment, introducing a new, higher vibration that envelopes everyone involved in the encounter with love and support.
It's a matter of choice...and devotional practice.

Can you take the "soft eyes" you use in the dressing room and give them to yourself and everyone you encounter,

piercing through the masks of tension, stress, impatience, frustration and anger and seeing instead into the fear and suffering of the human heart?

image from piece-sunshine.blogspot.com.    

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