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Monday, March 4, 2013

Beeping Love

 I'm starting to get comfortable with the little (and sometimes not-so-little) affectionate "disturbances in the force" that happen occasionally when I am writing. 

During the last blog I worked on, I was guided...no, I should say pulled in a different direction than the subject I intended to write about...and this happened three times.  

They were very obvious tugs and they certainly drew my curiosity...so I surrendered to the impulse and wrote about a different subject, though I was still able to use the primary setting I had in mind. (Blogpost entitled "Soft Eyes")

Today I started to type a word (which, strangely enough, I can't even remember) and instead the keyboard gave me "beeping love".  So, once again, I am going to follow that prompting  and see where it takes me.

Beeping Love

The first thing that comes to my mind is the image of 


with a broad white face and a huge lipstick smile drawn beyond the parameters of his mouth (which,  by the way, he is thoroughly enjoying).  The clown is holding an oversized (and very noisy) horn which he delights in squeezing continuously.  
This fellow is literally beeping love in his childlike, spontaneous manner.  He cannot contain himself...he is overflowing with happy feelings and he is prancing unselfconsciously up to everyone who crosses his path to (loudly and with great enthusiasm) beep the message of his joy.


 Next, I see an image of a


buzzzzing away as he flits flirtatiously from flower to flower...his very lively presence signalling (beeping) his gratitude for the succulent 
bounty awaiting his attention.

The last image I get is of a very soft and subtle but steadfast beeping...


 hidden deep inside our bodies, keeping us strong and resilient while tenderly empowering us to take in the many reflections of Love in our amazing universe.

So that's "love beeping" in my universe at this moment:                        

*the enthusiasm of the clown(child)  

    sending beeps of love in every direction,

 *the appreciation of the bumblebee for nature's ever present pantry, 
*the gentle strength and constancy of the human heart.

I so love following the promptings of the ANGELS obviously perching on my shoulder.  Perhaps you've had a few angelic visitors you haven't noticed of late.  

top image from lillypiri.blogspot.com
Flight of the Last Bumblebees

clown face image from www.clown-forum.com

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