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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Tipping Point*

The World English Dictionary defines tipping point as the crisis stage in a process when a significant change takes place. Whenever we do powerful emotional work on ourselves, we are preparing for the possibility of reaching this tipping point. I have recently been reflecting on this process and consciously striving to achieve it. Most recently, an experience I had led me to believe I could feel it close by.

When the possibility of a sudden change in plans for a very significant social event occurred, I found myself having an unusual response. Instead of feeling anxious or concerned about the prospect of this possible change, I felt like embracing it, with an underlying trust that all things happen for a reason and for the greater good and, most importantly…for the healing of my soul. I felt as if all is well and would continue to be well for I, like everyone, have the beautiful gift of being Divinely guided as I move through my day.

I had read all of these reasons many times before in the works of significant authors but somehow at this moment I was ready to take the leap from theory to embracing of the heart. I’m not sure how this happened but I think it was a long series of small steps that moved me in this direction. When I made this leap, I was amazed to find how calm I felt. It was a relief to be in this new place and I wondered how I could expand it.

Of course, the Divine Universe proceeded to help me on my way. Within a day or two I read this message in my emails.

The more I listen to the sounds of my body, of the wind, of the day around me, the calmer I feel. Interesting...as I allow the day to flow through me and be in me, my being naturally harmonizes and I am peace.

Meredith Murphy

What I took from this message is the importance of not being attached to anything in particular...not having assumptions and expectations of my own…but, instead, KNOWING that everything is as is should be and enjoying the gifts of the day (even though they may sometimes arrive in strange packages).

We are constantly being given important messages through people and events and, if the circumstances of our lives change, we can trust that the message we need to hear requires that particular change in the environment to be perfectly delivered.

Perhaps this feels like such a profound change because we are altering our genetic makeup by consciously choosing this belief. Bruce Lipton, leading edge scientist and author of The Biology of Belief, points out that our DNA is controlled by signals from outside the cell, including the energetic messages emanating from our positive and negative thoughts.

If we choose to positively embrace what is given us and honor it as a
Divine spark offering us guidance on our life path, our journey promises to be the amazing adventure we have dreamed of!

*Title borrowed from a book of the same name, The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell


  1. Love it--very hopeful! I really identify with the idea that truly internalizing a new idea can be journey.

  2. Your writing is a confirmation that life can be less hectic and less stressful if we can "go with the flow." Once we can truly believe that all things happen in the correct sequence for us to move forward on our specific journeys, life can become an adventure! Love the thought!

  3. Everything is as it should be. This is very calming. I'm glad you are accepting this and becoming very wise.