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Monday, May 2, 2011

Pocket Treasures

The pockets in our jeans, shirts and skirts are a designer's nod to our desire to keep some very special things close to us.
This might include a tissue, a comb, a key. Something we do not want to be without..just in case the need for it arises.

Recently, I have found a new thing to put in my pockets. And, yes, the need for it does arise.

It's a list of what I want to experience on that day. My conscious intention. My desire to call in various states of emotion to support me.

Somehow writing this message down always anchors my proposal for the day.

I started on a day when I could really feel what Eckhart Tolle calls the "pain body".
And this is what I wrote:

Releasing of the Pain Body with Wisdom of the Lesson.

It worked. Lots of great insights came in that day.

Here's another list I used recently:

No Expectations
Intensely Present
Creating from One Moment to the Next
Choosing Joy and Love
Making Room for the New

Again...another brilliant experience.

This morning I had to go to the dentist so I was busy at my computer. And this list was long...because I needed some extra reinforcement:

Enter into the Now
Love and Joy

I emerged from the dentist's office with a clean bill of health (after teeth cleaning and X-rays) but, most importantly, in a wonderful state of mind.

So I ask the question: What's in your pockets?

Perhaps you might want to record a conscious intention for the day and tuck the note into your jeans, shirt or skirt pocket. Notify the Divine Universe that you want in on the positivity and delight circling the globe.

Those glorious virtues come from the beautiful way you choose to enter each moment of your day.

And your pocket companions can be a great reminder of who you aspire to be.


  1. Engaging all the senses (or as many as possible) when working on daily conscious intention makes perfect sense. Feel the intention, speak the intention, write the intention, see the intention often throughout the day. Then watch the Universe deliver on that intention! It could be a form of magic that all of us can do...

  2. I love it--I have a conscious intention today!