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Friday, March 30, 2012

Path to Vibrant Health

The relationship
between you and your body, 
between you and all those living cells that depend on you,

can become the most beautiful relationship.  

                     Don Miguel Ruiz

AFFIRMATIONS  to help cultivate this BEAUTIFUL relationship   
I am enjoying wonderful HEALTH and WELL-BEING.   My body is functioning perfectly just as designed.  My senses are WIDE-open, appreciating all of the GIFTS awaiting me.

It is easy for me to make healthy, nutritious FOOD  CHOICES and drink generous amounts of  WATER.  Just thinking about the Beautiful Effect they have on my body makes me want to include them in my glorious day.

Each day I give thanks for the Divinely inspired BODY which creates a perfect home for my SPIRIT, accompanying me on my EARTHLY JOURNEY and experiencing so vibrantly the joy, challenges and adventures of my life.

My body is always leading me to a PATH of Vibrant Health.  I  LISTEN to its wisdom and HONOR its messages.

                                  Mystic Marks:  Bookmarks for the Soul
image from AstrologyCom.com

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