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Saturday, June 2, 2012

You in Wonderland!

Do you trust yourself and believe you can create what you want

Make a list of the things in your life that you are doing well and that you feel good about. Anchor that feeling to what you want.

Kathleen Martin

Looking to go to a new place on the list of things you do fabulously well? 

Kathleen Martin has a great idea. 
Tap into the amazing energy you have already generated from one of your most stellar accomplishments.
Perhaps you are already a gourmet cook or world traveler.  Perhaps you've mastered the art of origami or you can solve computer problems by thinking through the issues.  Maybe you can repair any household item that's been disabled.  Or you could qualify as a contender in Dancing With The Stars.

MMMMMmmmmm.  Just thinking about something you already do well makes you smile.  Good work...relax into that empowering emotion.

Now,  take those beautiful vibrations...that delightful cloud of satisfaction...that golden beam of accomplishment and aim them in the direction of the new task you want to accomplish or skill
you want to perfect.


Vibrational levels attract each other.  if you can hold your vibrational level high and steady you can transfer that beautiful energy to the new wish on your to-do or to-be list.
  And, if you want to intensify the effect, draw in ALL of the a-ma-zing feelings you have regarding ALL of the things you do well and you will have created the perfect environment for this new skill to take hold.

You have now assembled AN ENERGY SOURCE to work with in acquiring your new desire.


And here's the next step.

Spiritual writer Sanaya Roman recommends that you IMAGINE a grid work of light around your head, connecting upward to the Universal Mind.  The higher
the grid work extends, the more beautiful and delicate it becomes.

Now, take the beautiful energy you have built from your past successes and use it to create your new desire through the grid.

Use your imagination to visualize the concept.  

Roman recommends considering what this energy would look like…how it would move…its rhythm…its dance…its musicality…its nuances…its strength…its power...its beauty…its texture…its appeal to your senses. 

Then make the energy vision even more flowing, open and harmonious, adding sounds and fragrance, picturing the unmanifested energy as alive and interacting with you.   Luxuriate in this vision and bathe in its magic.

Now you are ready to bring this breathtaking energy into form.
Transform the vision into subatomic particles of light, with as high a vibration as possible. See the particles becoming form and bring them together into a shape and mass. 

Then  open your heart to receive this very personal energy you have designed from your desire.  Greet it with LOVE, letting it next move into your DNA, then your cells and then, finally, into your emotions and mind.

Give thanks for this gift and make a place for it in your life.  Now you are ready to recognize and receive it when it appears. You feel the CONNECTION to it.  It is becoming part of you.


Sanaya Roman says the Universal Mind is perfection.  It perfectly creates what you think about.

And here you have thought about and imagined something new you wish to bring into your life.  You have enveloped this desire within the magic of your earlier  accomplishments, raising its vibration, utilizing light and energy and moving through the beautiful ambiance of sensory expression.  Finally, you have transformed the energy into form and opened your heart to receive its manifestation.


By reflecting on the power and beauty that is already  in your life and by focusing that energy into manifestation through the quantum field you have become  the source of inspiration and creation for yourself.

You are a part of the Divine Universe and all of its power already resides in you.  Make a wish with the awesome energy of your beautiful, open heart!

image from aliceinwonderland.wikia.com

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