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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Special Delivery

Messages of beauty and love and inspiration often enter our consciousness through the written word. 

Often this occurs, for example,  when we read our email, the Internet, Facebook or LinkedIn discussions.
When we encounter something which INSPIRES us or fills us with JOY, why not consider copying the message and printing it...perhaps even in a beautiful font using color and a lovely image...and sending it on to someone to let them know you are thinking of them?  This gesture which may seem so small can be immensely profound in the emotional payoff it provides.

This afternoon I had a lovely chat with a young woman who told me this beautiful story.  For a very long time ALL of the mail she had been receiving was filled with bills or bad news.  I had not been aware of this, but a few months ago because of a deep-hearted conversation we had I began to send her messages of inspiration and encouragement every day through the mail.  These were clips from beautiful selections I read on the Internet and copies of my blog posts.

Today when I visited with her I was thrilled to see that she was radiant...glowing...so strongly in-her-power.  She told me that she had been reading the messages every day and saving them in her carefully arranged notebooks and commented that whatever message she received was always something she needed to hear THAT DAY. 

This is, of course, how SPIRIT works...bringing into our consciousness what we need to learn or remember.  Of course, we have to NOTICE how these messages arrive and, in this case, the messages arrived via the US mail...SPIRIT's special Love Language for this wonderful person.

She explained to me that the GIFT of the messages was that she had learned to RECEIVE.  Every message was filled with Hope and Love and they opened her heart.   She began to EXPECT the love offerings and trust that they would come...she acknowledged and enjoyed them... and they helped her with other life transformations she was in the midst of undertaking.

Sending the messages to her is a small gesture in the grand scheme of things but LIFE CHANGING in the big picture.

Love, in every expression, always works miracles.

image from inmyownstyle.com


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