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Saturday, December 6, 2014

This is SHOW BUSINESS, folks!

Do you suffer from a distressing reaction when someone around you is upset and even though it's not about you, it still FEELS like it is. 

 ouch...Ouch...OUCH!  That is no fun place to be, carrying all that gloom.

I've got an idea about how to get OUT from UNDER that web of co-dependency on someone else's emotions.  And it's frivolous and silly and no one else will even get the humor of what you are doing but YOU will be laughing inside (and tickling your funny bone).

Here's my thought.  Become Alice...you know, Alice in Wonderland but this wonderland doesn't belong to the original Alice.  It's YOUR "wonder"land.  And here's what you're wondering about.

You're wondering how these strange characters (your family, your friends, everyone you run into) got into YOUR story...that's YOUR life, YOUR Wonderland.  And, you're wondering about the curious, quaint and sometimes mystifying ways they think and do things.  And so you're enjoying watching them as they go through their individual routines (that's right...I said routines...this is show business, folks).

I wonder if they are there to entertain you with their perplexing and sometimes offbeat moves
.  Each one is an original character with a back story and adventures to take on.  How DID they land at your tea party!

Of course.  I forgot you're Alice and you've gone down the rabbit hole they call earth school and now you get to meet these characters, watch their antics, interact (play) with them.  Remember, this is a fantasy drama, a PLAY for goodness sakes.   

NOW...what does your story look like?

                                                                                               Marie Helena


top image from johoffberg.com
bottom image from movies-wallpaper.net

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  1. Marie love the way you think as this is often what I refer to as going back to the other side of the mirror. As an artist this is my escape from the real world and find myself at when painting my art. Of course if this were taken literally they would just put me away somewhere and think I have just went over the edge. However if everyone were an artist then they would understand what is meant as getting lost in your work such as artists do. The normal (average) person would not understand unless perhaps they were to just go ask Alice ;-)