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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Dance of Dharma

We are given talents that match our Soul's Purpose and lead us in the right direction through our enjoyment and satisfaction. 
Follow your heart
pay attention to what is pleasing to you.   
                                     Nur Ray

 Study hard what really interests you
 in the most undisciplined, irreverent and original manner possible. 
                                                                    Dick Feynman 

There we have it...directions for answering the eternal question: 
What am I here for? And they couldn't be easier or more fun. 

If we could just disregard the confusing street signs posted by culture, society and authority figures:
        THIS WAY to success.
        WE have the answers.
        That's not practical.
        Follow in our footsteps!

 ...we could see that 

being true to ourselves...authentic in everything we do...
THE road to happiness and success...
and the fulfillment of our soul's sacred contract.

Our sojourn here in earth school has been undertaken for a very special purpose. We are here in the perfect place at the perfect time to make our own unique contribution to humanity. And the journey to discover our oh-so-special gifts is not brain surgery.

All we have to do is NOTICE what we like to engage in...what feels like fun...what's easy for us and what makes time stand still.  Once we find those answers and slip into our special  slot in the universe,  we've found our dharma!

Congratulations!   It is now PLAYtime because that's what it feels like to follow your heart...easy, effortless, relaxing...like HOME.  

You're safe there...so this is the time to be irreverent, original.  Make your OWN discoveries...your OWN connections...follow the stars and YOUR intuition.  Go wherever they take you.

What a beautiful example of the salience and simplicity of listening to our own beautiful hearts.  That's what we were designed for...our own true North!

And when we truly embrace our place in the Universe, JOY spills over onto everyone and we end up making those around us delightfully happy, too.

Honoring ourselves honors everyone...we all learn these glorious lessons from each other

If you've lost your way and you're not packing a compass to guide you, dip into your
soul sense...your so lovely Guidance System...

 Ask yourself, "What DO I love to do?"  
 Then go do it. 

Life  takes on a very special HAPPINESS when you're cruizzzzing with something you really care about.

                                                                                              Marie Helena

image from anitafolio.blogspot.com
originally published October 7, 2013

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