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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Road to Amazement

Oh, how we love to be in COMPLETE CONTROL 
of our lives. 
The technical and artistic designer.  
With a strong, persistent vision. 
We LOVE to construct our experiences.   Place them in a box of our design.  
We can see them in our mind playing out beautifully.  Just as we imagined.

In this picture there is precision and polish.  Everything works just as we envision  it.  Stimulus...response.   Action...reaction.  
It's our story and it's a work of art
But...are we missing something?

Is this picture we have so carefully planned going to help us create the life we want for ourselves?

Whenever we are strongly attached to an experience playing out just as we have conceived it...

and someone agrees to say the lines we "write" for them...

and agrees to be contained in OUR vision of the world...
we get what we prefer and we are comfortable.


We miss the excitement of something new and unexpected entering the scene.

We miss the challenge of having to create our response IN THAT MOMENT...the challenge of testing ourselves to see how we can call on the influence of new things we have been learning.

We miss the glorious opportunity to see different aspects of the persons with whom we are interacting.

We miss the opportunity to learn something new or gain a new way of viewing things.

We miss the ENERGY of a brand new moment expressing itself with twists and turns and full to the brim with the promise of awareness, excitement and challenge.

In short, we are stuck in the groove we have been digging for a long, long time...and that groove is called  Having It My Way.


Jesse Nichols George says, 

*When we let go of our attachments we set things free to be so much more.  If we try to restrict people and relationships to be a certain way we miss so much of what they have to offer; when we let them be themselves, WE CAN BE AMAZED OVER AND OVER AGAIN."

Here's a thought...  

What if the "program" we create for the experiences in our life was blank?  
No predictions or hints of what is to come... no plot points.
Just a tabula rasa, a blank page waiting to be created by the information and emotions of the players revealing themselves in each moment.


Life would never be static or boring, would it?  

There would always be something new to consider...enjoy...watch for.  We would never have to travel to a Mecca for something new and exciting.  

OUR LIFE and the way we live it would be the new, exciting thing.

If we allow...no, let's make that  INVITE,  ENCOURAGE and  DELIGHT IN the scenes which  are WRITING THEMSELVES (even in this moment), we will undoubtedly have a front row seat to the evolution of our awareness, joy and wisdom!

                                                                                  Marie Helena

image from casualtext.wordpress.com

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