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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Secrets of the Orange

Nature has gifted us with so many
beautiful fruits…each with its own special appeal. The cornucopia of delights is amazing…and so life-giving…a bounty of the earth just waiting for us to partake of its pleasures.

Of all of the delightful earth offerings, my very favorite is the orange.

Hold the orange in the palm of your hand and notice how perfectly it fits…a microcosm of the earth and all of its natural opulence.

Feel its texture…the ambivalence of the contrasting smoothness and edginess…the story of our life journey.

See its glorious color…radiating
warmth and energy.*

And, very best of all, witness how INSTANTLY it reveals its truths to the world in a burst of goodness, of flavor, of clarity and appeal.

What a gorgeous message to us regarding how to navigate the pilgrimage we have undertaken:

With joy and gratitude,
in glorious color,
sharing our warmth and energy with others,
and manifesting for all to see the truths of our hearts and souls!

Once again, the Divine has gifted us with a guide to mentor us by its very beingness…still another beautiful lesson for us viewed all by itself.

I think the orange is probably not so very determined to hold onto its secrets but rather is waiting patiently for us to foray into Sherlock Holmes discovery of the clue sitting right on our kitchen table.

                                                         Marie Helena


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