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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Everyman: Best Actor in a Dramatic Role

As simple as a summer breeze,as easy as a nibble on a frosted cookie, as delightful as gentle raindrops landing on your shoulders on a hot summer day.  THAT is the fun and adventure we are meant to have in this cosmic playground we call earth.  THAT is what we signed up for.  But we often don’t see the immense simplicity of what we have undertaken.  The fine print in our cosmic contract (which we ourselves have insisted on) includes a passing reference to the requirement of “forgetfulness” and that one word has landed us in all kinds of trouble.

Somehow we manage to continually forget that we are here on a splashy, extravagant, magical experiment to TRY THINGS ON, see what they feel like and then decide what to do about them.  And if we decide to make a change, then we see how Plan B feels...and so on.  It’s all about the role we choose to play and we are so brilliant at this imaginative exercise that we do not even have to audition for the part.  Because we are such Divine spiritual creatures unlimited possibilities are open to us and, with our own unique preferences, we select the characterizations we wish to embrace.  And we do it for the FUN, for the sheer JOY of seeing what it feels like.  Of course, we FORGET what we are doing and it makes the adventure so much more real.  We like to be consumed by the details:  the setting, the circumstances, the other players, complicating issues…the DRAMA!!!

Foundationally, we are SPIRITUAL beings who reside in unconditional bliss.  This is our home base   But we have a powerful desire to experience and, therefore, appreciate what it is like to be subject to conditions and limitations.  And so we choose to incarnate.  And we do this because it is an exciting, vibrant, passionate voyage.  We adore the tumultuous ups and downs of navigating these conditions and  limitations.  We love trying on various ways of dealing with these limitations and seeing what responses they evoke in us.

Our end game is to find the choice of action that returns us to peace.  And it’s a long and winding road and sometimes a difficult and challenging one. 

Most of the time, we take it MEGAseriously, forgetting that we have placed ourselves in a magical playground where we can experiment with our course of action to see what truly brings us back to JOY.

When we are experiencing some difficulty, if the first thing we try doing to help ourselves does not work, it is not a tragedy. It is an opportunity to see what that choice feels like and how it plays out in our life.  Now, we can use our creativity and imagination to conceive of the next best plan to try and then discern how that option is working.  We are literally trying on moments of experience and seeing what they feel like. We are on a metaphysical shopping trip, trying to find what brings us to delight, satisfaction and joy.

That is what Earth school is about...having the  glorious, engaging, sometimes exasperating experiences.  Underneath all of the disguises we sometimes assume as persons in pain, as victims of circumstance, we are always perfect, spiritual beings engaged in the fascinating role of living in an imperfect world and doing our best to find our way back to perfection. 

It’s all an exquisite, ethereal exercise.  Perhaps occasionally remembering this might gift us with a  perspective that will help us reside more comfortably in this earth reality and remember that we are in this world but not of it. 

                                                                                     Marie Helena

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