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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Dress Rehearsal


The night before a new show opens is filled with hopefulness and excitement.  

This is the perfect opportunity
to showcase our talent, to let ourselves shine and, if we don't get everything perfect, we know that we have the opportunity to do it all over on opening night.  
Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could borrow the energy and rhythm of this special moment and hold a dress rehearsal in the drama of our own lives?

When we are faced with an uncomfortable or distressing or even painful situation...what if we held a dress rehearsal in our
HEART on how we are going to respond to the situation?   

What if we took a moment  
 breathe deeply,
 send ourselves compassion for our distress
    and then 
 envision how we could address what is presenting itself to us 
 from the position of pure love

Granted, this would definitely slow down the time it would take to respond, but imagine the beautiful inspiration we could evoke by asking this one, very important question:  WHAT WOULD LOVE DO?


The dress rehearsal in our heart would surely lead us to some lovely compassion (for ourselves and others) and could help us choose a response that would feel very PEACEFUL and COMFORTING.

And that PEACEFUL feeling would send a powerful message to all of the cells of our body which tune in so closely to our emotions, sending us those GLORIOUS endorphins and speeding the rate of any healing our body needs to deliver.

Isn't it fabulous what love can do!

                                                                                Marie Helena

image from cutcaster.com

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