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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Glass Slippers

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.  Or, maybe not.

I have recently drawn what I consider to be some brilliant conclusions about my life but they were MANY years in the making. They have to do with the Divine Universe and, of course, with the way I perceive things and THAT has been mightily shaped by my upbringing and enculturation.  As has yours.  And also by the very human impulse to draw a conclusion about what is happening and attach ourselves to this belief.

For example, within my limited (very human) perception of things, I had decided that life unfolds in a very straight path.  And that path is often strewn with challenges and obstacles and also rewards. Pursuing it becomes a test in itself and becoming attached to the end result becomes a common default reaction.  And, when things do not progress in the way we desire, we draw the conclusion that we have failed… or have not tried hard enough, COMPLETELY missing the grand and even MORE glorious dreams the universe has for us and the complicated, complex stages of growth we must pass through to attain those dreams.

We can literally spend years in frustration and anxiety about how things did not roll out the way we had hoped.  Like Cinderella, we sadly mourn the loss of our glass slipper, missing the truth that the glass slipper’s trajectory is there to LEAD us to the most beautiful, most wonderful realization of what we hoped to have happen.

When we do experience these precious moments of realization, it is amazing to see how every step was there to help us become a grander version of ourselves and to also see that what we thought was transpiring was not even the true story of what was being  accomplished . Sometimes, we are focusing steadily on our projected goals.  But, sometimes, we are assisting others in their evolution which, ultimately, also helps us blossom and become more ready for what we hope to achieve.

Perhaps our life is a series of what looks like ducks endlessly following each other, steadfastly focused on the careful plans we have laid out for ourselves.  In doing so and by becoming so attached to those plans, we may miss the Glass Slippers which mysteriously seem to lose their way but most assuredly and with great artistry and grace ALWAYS bring us home.

                                                                                  Marie Helena

image from Hey Cinderella by RC DeWinter

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