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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Pushing ALL the Buttons

When you are working with technology and find yourself faced with a MEGA-variety of technical options (you have probably already noticed my overreaction to this hot-button-for-me subject), do you ever do what I do...find yourself pushing ALL of the buttons? 

Not all at once...but, if the first button does not produce the desired result, I start tapping every button nearby, na├»vely expecting one of them to read my mind and give me what I want.  It makes me laugh just to think about this silly solution.  But that’s what I do when I’m stressed. It’s hard to think clearly and logically and frustrating to discover that I am unable to identify with the mindset of the web designers.  (I have been instructed by a few people that if you can relax and try to think like the web designers do, you can probably figure things out.)

Not so.  At least not for me.  When faced with this dilemma, I make an immediate call to my university professor daughter who is well schooled in technology.  Directly after she expresses her compassion about my “crisis” and identifies with my frustration, she usually asks me the same question:  “Have you tried to Google this?”  My answer is usually…… “Hmmmmm, not yet.”  Whereupon, I dutifully go back and execute a search for the answer to my dilemma and I am always astounded to find that someone has nearly always already asked my question and that the answer is waiting for me.

Which brings me to the point of my story.  The someones of whom I speak who have already asked the question and evoked the answer they are looking for seem to me to be a metaphor for what is known as Infinite Intelligence...which is miraculously and magically available to ALL of us.

Owen Waters, international spiritual teacher, explains in his essay on fields of consciousness that “the largest part of your complete consciousness is your superconscious mind.   Also called the higher self or the soul, this is the source of intuitive information.  Your superconscious mind is connected to Infinite Being, which is the spiritual source of all things, and also to the entire universe.”

Waters goes on to say “there is ten times more to the brain than the one-tenth that people are aware of each day.  That means that people have at least ten times the potential that they thought they had and, thanks to the inner being's connection to Infinite Being, that potential can go all the way up to infinity.  You just have to decide how much of your field of consciousness you intend to use.

How is this done you might ask.  Owen  Waters says you can “choose to pay attention to the still, small voice within”.   You can “choose to ask it for information to encourage the flow of inner wisdom into your outer awareness.”  You can also “choose to follow your inner joy as it leads you towards greater fulfillment in your voyage through life.”

I hear you, Owen, and I am ALL IN.

Instead of pushing ALL of the buttons as I do in my misguided techno-adventures trying frantically to find “the” answer to my problem, I can...

take a slow, deep, refreshing breath and remember I am surrounded by the depth and breadth of Infinite Intelligence just waiting to share the complete and immeasurable universe of available knowledge and information with my eager heart.  YES!!!

                                                                                               Marie Helena

image from Freepik

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