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Friday, July 26, 2019


I so love my DVR. I can watch my favorite programs whenever the mood strikes me and recently I've been watching reruns of Ally McBeal and thinking about why I love that show so very much.

I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s because all of the characters on the show are such…well…
characters"!  So vividly drawn with all their peculiarities and idiosyncrasies...so colorful and alive...so free to be who they are (as wild and crazy as that may be).

Several of the characters on the show have theme songs (having been advised to do so by some equally colorful therapists). Right in the midst of the action I can hear their theme song music rev up, usually jump to top speed and, often, come to a screeching halt when an unsuspecting character enters the scene. There are even times when a character cannot call up his theme song, is woefully bereft and unable to operate at full throttle.

The theme song singing is always full of emotion...sometimes bouncy with a revved up beat, sometimes sad… pouring out pain and sorrow...but always...always there is an aliveness to the music. There is a desire and there is a willingness to engage with life and with others and to revel in joy (manifested by the singing and dancing) and sometimes to sink into frustration and stress (often displayed in the unisex bathroom).

And I wonder…

What if we were all like the characters in Ally McBeal?  What if we felt free to show the world our authentic selves? What if we all had theme songs that inspired us to do exactly what felt right with no holding back of emotions? What if we truly lived our dreams and changed our song if the original one was not working?

Dancing and singing are really soul activities because they are borne from our emotions. And we can "dance" and "sing" in many ways. I’ll bet you have many very delightful avenues of expressing yourself.

This Ally McBealing is truly embracing the moment and doing it with gusto and delight...feeling your aliveness...your beingness pull you into what is most important about how you live your day. Not the list of things you set out to accomplish, but rather the moments of HOW YOU CELEBRATE YOURSELFAnd that is exactly why we are here: to celebrate our connection with everything and everyone around us!

The next time you pass by someone let yourself wonder what his theme song is. And don't forget to turn up the "volume" on yours!

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