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Monday, December 9, 2019

Tapping In

For the last two days I have sent out the intention to understand why we sometimes make choices that are not in our best interest…why we react sometimes out of sadness or anger or hurt…why we comfort ourselves with things that do not enhance our well-being…why we are trying to fill up some space inside that feels empty.

This morning (when I usually get my most creative connections) I got a spectacular mega-image that is giving me an explanation of what I am trying to understand

It’s like we’re living in the center of a city that is teeming with vitality…there is action…there is adventure…and connection…and wisdom…and beauty…and insight. Marvelous, mind-blowing opportunities everywhere but we are sitting at home, unaware of what is around us. And the reason we are doing this is because we feel essentially alone.

And it’s difficult to feel alone…our struggles seem bigger, the burden heavier…we get tired…it’s easy to give up and it’s especially easy to feel sorry for ourselves.

The amazing concept that came sailing in to me today is not something I haven’t heard before. Oh, yes, I have heard it many times, but I have never HEARD it the way it came in this morning.

It all has to do with THE ENERGY around us and THE ENERGY that comes through us…and it is unending…spectacular…fourth-of-July fireworks…mind-blowing.

But we don’t see it or feel it or connect with it sometimes because we are living in the space of our own, private, singular lives. And the point is…our lives are not singular, even though they seem to be. They are not separate from all that is going on around us. They are so finely interconnected as to make EVERYTHING available to us…if we open the window to this realization and our eyes…and, most importantly, our hearts.

There is an ENERGETIC FLOW going on around and through us ALL OF THE TIME. And we have the capacity to tap into it. But we have to "see" it first…we have to know it is there. And it’s fascinating…

When we step out of ourselves and our singular lives and plug into the cosmos, suddenly, we are a part of it all.

Can you hear the teenagers snowboarding down the hill with screams of laughter as they navigate a curve or crash into each other? Can you sense the steady, protective energy of tree roots, holding strong while they wait for winter to complete its cycle and the eternal promise of spring to arrive once more? Can you smell the delicate skin of the new baby who is filled with wonder and awe at the depth and brightness of the sights he sees and senses around him? Can you intuit the unfolding of wisdom in someone’s eyes?

It’s all there…happening around us. All we have to do is tap into the vibrations…and all that it takes is the intention.

We are not alone.

We are interconnected and ALL that is occurring is there for us, too. It’s part of us.

When we know we are not alone, our loneliness is replaced by wonder and connection and curiosity and excitement. All because we’ve been born and are here.

Oh, yes. We’ve got a ticket to ride. Have you checked your pocket lately? 

                                                                Marie Helena

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