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Thursday, May 27, 2021

The Rainbow Connection

InMeteorology Today author Donald Ahrens describes a rainbow as "one of the most spectacular light shows observed on earth".

Descartes called the rainbow an interaction between water and light.

Here is a spiritual take on a physical phenomenon in which we look to the earth for a metaphor of the work of our Higher Self.

In Co-Dependency it is very challenging to keep ourselves separate from the emotional states of those around us.

We very easily take on their sadness, irritation, displeasure and let them affect the state of our emotions. (On the positive side, we can also be wonderfully affected by their happiness and joy.)

But the real issue is how to keep ourselves separate and not be enmeshed with another’s issues. 

Our creativity and imagination can help us here.

When we awake…and start moving through our day…we can imagine ourselves surrounded by a colorful energy which best describes how we are feeling…for example, yellow for sunshine and lightness, blue for deep emotions, red for upset and anger.

We can take note of the color (emotional state) we recognize and decide from there what we would like to do next.

Perhaps we need to give ourselves a boatload of compassion because we are going through a difficult time. Perhaps we want to do something calming to help us get perspective. Perhaps we need to have a good cry or journal some thoughts that are distressing us.

Next, we use the same process on others when they arrive on our radar.  

We take note of the color of energy we perceive them to be projecting and decide accordingly how we would like to proceed.

If we first acknowledge their state to ourselves, we will naturally be supportive even if we perhaps at that moment lack the energy to interact with them and ask what we can do to be of assistance, if needed.

Just the 
awareness of the other person's disposition will produce a sense of HONORING and it will also help us remember that each of us is a separate color…emotional state…PERSON.

Sometimes we may want to have a conscious interaction with another and this is where the rainbow colors can merge and produce even more subtle hues…the hues of connection and caring where two minds and two hearts (or more) look at our life journey together and, perhaps, create a wonderful, inspiring way to move forward.

The Rainbow Connection in this interpretation is the way we interface and express our love for one another.

But, the fact that each of us owns our own color (which can and will change as we change) reminds us that we are individuals with the responsibility of finding our own way through earth school and of bringing to and mixing our energy with others when we consciously choose to do so…not merely because their color got near us and blurreour own hue. 

The Rainbow is made up of separate, distinct colors each operating according to its own inner guidance.

When we are strongly aware of that guidance we can enter the Rainbow Connection Dance when we have rested and prepared ourselves and have 
consciously chosen to partake of this particular interaction.

As Descartes described, Rainbows are an intermingling of water and light.

Water carries our emotions and Light directs us how and when to engage with others.

                                   Marie Helena


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