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Monday, August 23, 2021


Remember wherever you go or whomever you have contact with… you leave your footprint.

                        Dan Pokora

On a balmy and beautiful day at the beach one of the most fascinating evidences of energy we encounter is the intriguing pattern of footprints left in the sand as individuals pass by on their way to the next destination.  Where are they going?we might wonder and, equally interesting, Where have they been?

We don’t have the details of their stories to tell us  their plans or what they have experienced but we do have the evidence that they were there.

We all leave “footprints” when we are in motion or even standing in place.   They may not be clearly visible as in the sand but they are profoundly sensed and felt by the hearts of all who pass by.

As I muse about this energetic messaging, I wonder what kind of “footprints” we might be leaving to register in the hearts of those we encounter? 

When we are feeling light and relaxed, we undoubtedly scatter golden flecks of happiness which, by their nature, fly free with sweet abandon celebrating whatever energies cross their paths.   It is truly delightful to release these beautiful vibrations in every direction when we are in a happy place.  

But suppose we are burdened by an upsetting encounter, by the surprise appearance of one of our old negative patterns we have yet to release, or by the pressure we feel of trying to meet someone else’s expectations.  What would these footprints  feel like to someone who encounters them?

I believe there is a way for us to keep our footprints in the beautiful space we aspire to and it involves holding a sacred trust with ourselves.  Even though we may still be experiencing or processing an uncomfortable or irritating situation, if we live our lives with authenticity… honoring ourselves…we will feel confident in our ability to be and to express our true selves. And there is a beautiful peace in knowing that we do not have to carry the burden of hiding our feelings and that we will find the opportunity to express them in the best way we know how. 

In this way, we live  in the radiant space of holding the intention to honor ourselves and, therefore, our footprints…indeed, everything that we emanate…will reflect that place of self-trust.

Knowing that when we are ready, we will speak our truth with a gentle and confident authenticity produces a beautiful energetic vibration.  A vibration that everyone who encounters us will want to tap into.

This is how the “footprints” we leave help lead others into their own authentic journeys.

We are all traversing this life together, leaving pathways for each other as we come into a knowing of Who We Really Are:   Authentic souls honoring the whisperings of our individual hearts.


                                         Marie Helena

Footprints in the Sand ideas

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