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Thursday, May 12, 2022

The Heart Responds

Awareness simplifies the experience of life by bypassing the mind and giving a direct experience of feeling...which the mind cannot experience or comprehend.

                                 Robert Cosmar

It would seem so very admirable to invest our time in understanding  the beliefs and concepts that have been formulated and expressed over time regarding the great questions of life:

 Who created this amazing universe? 

       What role do I play here? 

What is the best way to live out that role? 

       What truly brings me joy?

       What causes suffering?

To be able to logically explain the answers to these questions could appear to be very empowering but using this method to explain the answers would include mentally LABELING concepts... and that process is confining and limiting. 

 It defines concepts according to an individual's perception and it is based on that person's influences, conditioning and experiences.  

It places the great gifts of our life into a BOX of specific parameters and dimensions envisioned by one individual.


But the breathless beauty and amazing legacy of life is so much more.  

And it is accessed not through logic or mental exercise or through indoctrination of the ruling of authority...the dictates of someone's interpretation...it is accessed through our  direct experience of feeling...

        through entering the Divine portal of AWARENESS...the awesome, mysterious state of complete connection to what we are experiencing... 

        the FEELING of SENSING and KNOWING  the essence of someone or something.  Not the trappings or even the ambiance...just  the purity of What Is.

And we know when we are in this beautiful place because we do not feel the oppressive weight of argument and persuasion.  When we are in this place time and circumstances and issues slip away...there is nothing but us and the experience.

And  the heart responds to the moment.  Something feels right...true..natural...a beautiful gift to us.  

This is when the true nature of life and its secrets are revealed.

They are not revealed through the mind but rather through the heart.

This amazing pathway is open to each of us...it waits for each of us to become aware of its existence.

This amazing feeling of  intensity, this fascination, this connection-to-ALL THAT IS  cannot be named...or labeled or described.  It must be experienced.

Pema Chodron tells us that when we  open our hearts in this way to all the people we meet, to all the situations we encounter, without closing down, trusting that we can do that – then  we will understand all the teachings that anyone has ever taught.


THIS path, the HEARTpath is the way in to the glorious experiences of life and their meaning.  

Everyone can access this Divine knowledge by opening and listening to  their own heart.

                                       Marie Helena

image from crestock.com

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