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Friday, June 17, 2022


Love coming out of you is the only way to be happy.

                                            don Miguel Ruiz 

We have a quaint tradition in our family. When someone takes a trip, we imagine them inside bubbles as they travel and also encapsulate in bubbles everyone else who is traveling at that time. The bubbles are a form of protection. They are, of course, filled with LOVE.  We always text pictures of this special “prayer” to our travelers, moving the vibration out of our imaginations into a landscape flashing onto their smart phones.

We consciously choose to give these beautiful bubbles not only to our loved ones but to ALL travelers.  It is a beautifully intentioned wish for happiness and protection.  

While searching for the perfect bubble picture yesterday to send to my daughter and her husband who were flying home from their vacation, I found an amusing gif (short animation) of a precious white, animated puppy dipping into a jar of liquid bubble solution he was holding, happily puffing a gentle breath and producing a droplet which morphed into a heart shape immediately celebrated by a lovely frenzy of his flapping ears, wagging tail and clapping paws.  As soon as the bubble disintegrated, our precious puppy enthusiastically began his ritual once again. 

A lovely scenario.  And… this might be the most important point of the bubble animation…this precious white puppy was SO playfully HAPPY in his endeavor.

I wonder…is this delightful, white, joyful, enthusiastic puppy a depiction of who we really are?  Underneath the day’s trivia and routine tasks.  Underneath our worries and angst.  Underneath our mountainous, exhausting to-do lists.

This beautiful, animated creature was simply DELIGHTFED in the very ACT of his bubble blowing.  So totally engaged.  So mindfully there.  As simple and profound and magical as that.

Is it possible we have been missing some of the exhilaration of our moments of “bubble blowing”?  Do we truly recognize, delight, honor and revere all of them?

Are they messages in disguise from our Higher Selves reminding us that we are creatures of LOVE and that we are most happy and most fulfilled when we radiate at that vibration?

Are we dipping into our supply of “liquid love” and dispersing it to our loved ones, to those who capture our attention and also to those who sing the softest song and are easily passed by?

Messages come to us each day in strange and unfamiliar packages.  What a fascinating journey it is to uncover them!

How many “precious white puppies”are playfully giving us guidance while they hide in plain sight?


                                     Marie Helena 💗

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