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Thursday, October 27, 2022

Polishing of the Pearl

In the business world when a CEO wants to improve his  company's level of performance or expertise he will often consider hiring a consultant to help him perform this task. 

The consultant's credentials are usually impeccable and contain a special level of experience in the area of need.

Of course, this undertaking will require planning, checking of resources and a certain amount of financial investment.

A brilliant potential solution...but the "consultant" best equipped to do the job is... 

already here, has a spectacular resume complete with wisdom and universal insight and doesn't cost a thing.


This consultant comes as a gift when we enter earth school (although we often don't recognize this).

It's LIFE itself...


And what may appear to be a motley assortment of unrelated incidents and experiences is really  the unfolding of a glorious plan  to help us accomplish what we have come here to do.


Like the underside of a piece of embroidery with loose threads tumbling over one another LIFE may appear to be a series of disjointed episodes.  But, when the fabric is turned right side up...a beautiful pattern emerges and it becomes clear that all of those loose threads are playing a role in the execution of the design.


Michael David Lawrence, author of The Secret for Freedom from Drama, Trauma and Pain, observes:


"In looking back upon a quest to better myself emotionally, mentally and spiritually spanning over forty years,  I now realize how each challenge strengthened and prepared me for my next step in self growth."

If we look very carefully and very closely at our lives we can see the profound wisdom contained in the experiences we undergo.  It is not so easy  to see this when they are happening but we are constantly being strengthened and prepared for the next step of our journey.  And  it is usually the most difficult, most challenging, most painful experiences that reward us with the greatest growth.

It's the Divi├▒e Universe sensing our strength and readiness to learn yet another of Life's challenging lessons and helping us move forward with this work.


And that is why it is important to BLESS  EVERYTHING...to EMBRACE EVERYTHING...

To  ROAR through life and meet each experience bravely and boldly...with intensity and heart.


We are so loved and cared for and are, every one of us, given the perfect opportunities to learn our lessons and strengthen our souls.


Let us all move forward in welcoming this magnificent treasure.

And why not..when ALL of our experiences are designed to  polish the pearl of our existence!


                                     Marie Helena 

image from krikawa.com

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